RIT Computer Science

Advanced Cryptography
Spring 2018


Stanisław Radziszowski

bldg. 70, room 3657,
(585) 475-5193, spr@cs.rit.edu
Office hours: Tuesday/Thursday 10am-11am, 7pm-8pm, or send email


Tuesday/Thursday, 5:30pm - 6:50pm, room 70-3445

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CSCI-462 or CSCI-662, or permission of the instructor.



This course investigates advanced topics in cryptography. It begins with an overview of necessary background in algebra and number theory, private- and public-key cryptosystems, and basic signature schemes. The course will cover number theory and basic theory of Galois fields used in cryptography; history of primality algorithms and the polynomial-time test of primality; discrete logarithm based cryptosystems including those based on elliptic curves; interactive protocols including the role of zero-knowledge proofs in authentication; construction of untraceable electronic cash on the net; and quantum cryptography. Other topics may include digital watermarking, fingerprinting, and steganography. Programming will be required.

Students will write a term paper, either theoretical based on literature or reporting student's own implementation or experiments with a chosen cryptographic scheme. Depending on the size of the group, some or all students will give a presentation to the class.

The specific topics will include

Slides used in class so far

Cryptography - A Crash Overview
ElGamal and Shanks
RSA, Pollard p-1
Euler criterion, CDH and DDH
Pohlig-Hellman and index calculus
Galois field GF(27)
elliptic curves basics
elliptic curves in crypto
ECDSA in Bitcoin
more signatures
knapsack cryptosystem, broken but still nice

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