Prof. Richard Zanibbi

I am a Professor of Computer Science at RIT, where I direct the Document and Pattern Recognition Lab.  I hold a PhD and Master's in Computer Science, a BA with a minor in Computer Science, and a Bachelor of Music degree, all from Queen's University, Canada.

My research interests include information retrieval, document recognition, pattern recognition, and machine learning. I am a Program Co-Chair for ICDAR 2023, and I previously chaired the ICFHR 2018, DRR 2012, and DRR 2013 conferences. I also serve on program committees for information retrieval conferences (e.g., SIGIR, and the new SIGIR-AP conference).

At RIT I teach courses on Information Retrieval (grad/undergrad) and Machine Learning (undergrad). I am also the head of the AI Cluster within the Computer Science department. 

Please click on the links above for more information regarding my research, teaching, software and data from the dprl, and resources for students.


  • (April 19, 2023)  Ayush Kumar Shah published a paper on an improved math formula parsing model using line-of-sight graphs  (the Line-of-sight with Graph Attention Parser (LGAP), previously named QD-GGA).  The paper will be presented at ICDAR 2023.
  • (April 1, 2023) A demonstration paper for the MathDeck system searching text and formulas in PDF files from the ACL Anthology will appear at SIGIR 2023. Bryan Amador, Matt Langsenkamp, Abhisek Dey, and Ayush Kumar Shah created the demo. A number of past DPRL students made important contributions as part of the MathSeer project.
  • (Oct 27, 2022) I give a talk for the Topos Institute on Mathematical Information Retrieval. The Topos colloquium series, with a YouTube link and slides from the talk are online here: Direct link to the YouTube video is located here.
  • (Aug 3, 2022) Dr. Behrooz Mansouri. Behrooz has defended his PhD dissertation, Leveraging Formulae and Text for Improved Math Retrieval  A paper about the MathAMR representation for contextualized formula search explored in his dissertation has been accepted for publication at CIKM 2022. Behrooz is now an Assistant Professor at the University of Southern Maine.
  • (Aug 1, 2022)  I am serving as a Program Chair for the upcoming ICDAR 2023 conference being held in San Jose, CA, along with Gernot Fink (TU Dortmund, Germany), Koichi Kise (Osaka Metropolitan University, Japan), and Rajiv Jain (Adobe Corp., USA). 
  • (July 11, 2022) ARQMath-3 lab. We had a successful third and final ARQMath lab this spring. The test collection is publicly available here.