For Students

Things that may be useful.

Guidelines, Advice, and Ramblings

  • DPRL BS/MS Thesis, Project, and Independent Study Guidelines
    Please read if you are interest in an undergraduate or Master's thesis, project, or independent study 
  • About Doing Research
    Some brief thoughts about who does research, why, and how  
  • Academic Writing for Computer Science
    Some brief guidelines on how to approach writing academic papers
  • Research Programming Guidelines
    Some thoughts and strategies for building research prototypes
  • Preparing Proposal, Project and Thesis Defense Talks
    Some things to think about when preparing for your defense presentation
  • General Advice on Giving Presentations
     Assuming that the technical content in a talk is correct and complete, I recommend:

    • Presenting only what is needed to
      make a few key points clear,
    • showing pictures when it
      helps clarify details and/or explain concepts more quickly,
    • engaging your audience; make them feel you:
      (1) want their attention, and are
      (2) leading up to a discussion with them, and
    • use a presentation style that is comfortable,
      while being respectful of your audience.

Dissertations and Theses

  • Thesis Pre-Proposal Sketch Template
    Short template for use in developing core ideas of a thesis proposal (2 pages long, 3-5 references)
  • PhD Dissertation Template
    From the GCCIS PhD program resources page.
    This LaTeX template can be used both to prepare the dissertation proposal and final dissertation
  • CS Master's Thesis Template
    LaTeX template that can be used both for proposal and the final thesis.
    With minor changes, usable for undergraduate (BSc) thesis proposals and final theses  
  • ProQuest Dissertations & Theses Database (PQDT)
    ProQuest is an indexing service that collections PhD dissertations and Master's theses. This is available through the RIT library (login required). RIT theses/dissertations from 2010 onward are archived in the ProQuest database.

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