Document and Pattern Recognition Lab

We research systems that recognize and retrieve information in documents, images, and videos.

News (2021)

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  • (Dec) We welcome JP Ramissini to the lab. JP is a BSc CS student, who will complete his undergraduate thesis in the dprl.
  • (Dec) The Alfred P. Sloan Foundation has provided a small grant to help us complete the implementation of MathSeer within the CiteSeerX system.
  • (Nov) Congratulations to Behrooz Mansouri, who has passed his dissertation proposal defense.
  • (Oct) SymbolScraper Server (update). Our SymbolScraper tool for extracting text and graphics from PDF files  has been rewritten, and made faster (including the addition of a docker container).
  • (Sept) MathSeer extraction pipeline released. This tool extracts formula locations and content in PDF documents. The pipeline is available from GitLab, and includes improved versions of SymbolScraper, ScanSSD (now, ScanSSD-XYc), and QD-GGA. The pipeline was prepared by Ayush K. Shah, Abhisek Dey, Matt Langsenkamp, and Prof. Zanibbi.
  • (Sept) The IAPR Graphics Recognition (GREC 2021) workshop and ICDAR 2021 conference are running during the first week of September. Abhisek Dey and Ayush Shah will be presenting their work on visual formula detection and the first version of the MathSeer extraction pipeline. Prof. Zanibbi is one of the program chairs for GREC.
  • (July) ARQMath-2: Behrooz Mansouri, Doug Oard, Anurag Agarwal and Richard Zanibbi ran the second edition of ARQMath for CLEF 2021. CLEF will be held online in late September - registration is free!
  • (June) Congratulations to Thomas Choi, who successfully defended his PhD dissertation at INSA, France. Prof. Zanibbi co-advised Thomas along with his primary advisors Bertrand Couasnon and Yann Ricquebourg at INSA.
  • (May) Yancarlos Diaz and Robin Avenoso have successfully defended their MSc theses! Their thesis documents are available here.
  • (April) Behrooz Mansouri's paper on the first learning-to-rank model for formula search has been accepted for publication at SIGIR 2021, and he will be participating in the SIGIR 2021 Doctoral Consortium.
  • (April) Ayush Kumar Shah and Abhisek Dey's paper on the MathSeer formula extraction and evaluation pipeline has been accepted for publication at ICDAR 2021.
  • (April) Prof. Zanibbi gave a seminar talk on the MathSeer project in the Boise State Computing PhD seminar series.
  • (March) ARQMath was presented at ECIR 2021 by Behrooz Mansouri (video).

Room 70-3500, GCCIS
Dept. Computer Science
Rochester Inst. Technology
Rochester, NY, 14623-5608


Phone: +1 (585) 475-4536
Fax: +1 (585) 475-4935

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