Document and Pattern Recognition Lab

We research systems that recognize and retrieve information in documents, images, and videos.

News: 2022

  • (Oct) Prof. Zanibbi will be gave a talk for the Topos Institute on Mathematical Information Retrieval (at 12pm or 1pm Oct. 27th, TBD). The Topos colloquium series, which includes a YouTube video link may be found online here:
  • (Aug) We welcome Bryan Manrique Amador to the lab, who will be doing PhD research in the area of Information Retrieval.
  • (Aug) Behrooz Mansouri's first paper on contextualized formula search using MathAMR was accepted at CIKM 2022.
  • (Aug) Behrooz Mansouri defended his dissertation on math-aware search on July 26th. The final version of his dissertation is available here.
  • (May) As part of an independent study in Spring 2022, JP Ramissini has created a new YOLO-based detector for math formulas and chemical diagrams (GitLab link).
  • (May) Abhisek Dey is completing an internship at the University of Illinois this summer (as part of the MMLI project).
  • (May) Ayush Kumar Shah will be completing an internship with Amazon this summer as an Applied Research Scientist intern in Computer Vision / Deep Learning.
  • (May) Shaurya Rohatgi is completing another internship at AllenAI this summer.
  • (May) Congratulations to Matt Langsenkamp, who has been admitted to the PhD program at RIT.
  • (May) Congratulations to Abhisek Dey, who successfully completed his comprehensive (Research Potential Assessment) for the RIT PhD program.
  • (March) Congratulations to Behrooz Mansouri, who will be holding a tenure-track faculty position in the Computer Science Department at the University of Southern Maine!

Room 70-3500, GCCIS
Dept. Computer Science
Rochester Inst. Technology
Rochester, NY, 14623-5608


Phone: +1 (585) 475-4536
Fax: +1 (585) 475-4935

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