CSCI-788-03C3: Master's Project Colloquium (Fall 2016)

     RIT Department of Computer Science
CSCI-788-03C3: Master's Project Colloquium (Fall 2016)

Lecture Room: GOL-2690
Instructor: Prof. Richard Zanibbi ( rxzvcs(at) )
Office Hours: W 10-11:50am, Fri. 2-2:50pm
Class: Thursdays, 11am-12:15pm

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Deadlines: presentation slides are due before the start of class. All Milestone deliverables are due to your advisor at the end of the corresponding week (4, 8 or 12). Speak with your advisor about specific submission deadlines.
Readings: Justin Zobel's "Writing for Computer Science" (third edition) is the text for the course.

Milestone I
1Overview, milestones and reading papers   Chs. 1-3
2Hypotheses, evidence and writingChs. 4-5
3Milestone 1, Part I
4Milestone 1, Part II Milestone 1 due
Milestone II
5Math and algorithmsChs 9-10
6Experimentation and statisticsChs. 14-15**Career Fair Wed. Feb 28**
7Milestone 2, Part I
8Milestone 2, Part II Milestone 2 due
Milestone III
9Planning the project reportChs. 13, skim 5-8
10Designing graphs and figuresCh. 11
11Milestone 3, Part I
12Milestone 3, Part II Milestone 3 due
Poster and Final Devlierables
13Poster preparationCh. 16
14(-- Thanksgiving; No class --)
15Poster rehearsal, Part I
16Poster rehearsal, Part IIFinal Report due
Poster and report due (start of class)
17 Poster Session: Tuesday Dec. 13, 10am-12pm (GCCIS Atrium)