It is my pleasure and privilege to welcome you to the Department of Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) housed in the B. Thomas Golisano College of Computing and Information Sciences. The department offers Bachelor's and Master's degrees in computer science and the PhD program is administered at the College level. Dr. Mohan Kumar Professor and Chair

CS Masters Students Create Award Winning Document Search Engine, Tangent.

Two recent Computer Science MSc graduates (David Stalnaker, MSc 2013 and Nidhin Pattaniyil, MSc 2014) have created the Tangent search engine, which allows people to search documents using formulas and text. In a recent international competition held in Japan, Tangent produced the best results for formula search within Wikipedia articles, and the highest-rated top-5 hits for combined text and math queries for...

CS Faculty and Students Receive Cryptography Related Patent

Faculty members Alan Kaminsky and Stanislaw Radziszowski, along with CS Masters Student Christopher Wood and collaborators from RIT Center for Quality and Applied Statistics, RIT Computer Engineering and Harris Corporation have been awarded a patent involving cryptographic key management.

Info on the patent are provided below:


  • Michael Kurdziel, Harris Corporation
  • Peter Bajorski, RIT Cen...

We are hiring!

The Computer Science Department is actively recruiting faculty for both tenure-track and lecturer positions.

There are two tenure-track positions open, for which we are looking to hire at the assistant professors rank in the following areas:

  • The first in the area of data science, with emphasis on data analytics, machine learning, or data-intensive computing;
  • The second in one of the following areas: (...