dprl, Spring 2021

dprl Spring 2021. Row-wise, left-to-right: Abhisek Dey, Richard Zanibbi, Matt Langsenkamp, Behrooz Mansouri, Yancarlos Diaz, Robin Avenoso, and Ayush Kumar Shah.


Dr. Richard Zanibbi, Professor (Computer Science)


Abhisek Dey, PhD Student (Computing and Information Sciences)

Ayush Kumar Shah, PhD Student (Computing and Information Sciences)

Behrooz Mansouri, PhD Student (Computing and Information Sciences)

JP Ramissini, BSc Student (Computer Science)


Matt Langsenkamp, Research Programmer

Listing of people in photos above, from left-to-right in each image:
  1. Spring 2020 - Yancarlos Diaz, Richard Zanibbi, Mahshad Mahdavi, Behrooz Mansouri, Wei Zhong, and Gavin Nishizawa (as sans-serif font avatar!). Absent: Jessica Diehl and Jennifer Liu. 
  2. Spring 2019 - Abishai Dmello, Gavin Nishizawa, Parag Mali, Mahshad Mahdavi, Puneeth Kukkadapu, Yancarlos Diaz, and Behrooz Mansouri.
  3. Fall 2018 - Parag Mali, Puneeth Kukkadapu, Wei Zhong, Behrooz Mansouri, Mahshad Mahdavi, Kwon-Young Choi, Abishai Dmello, Richard Zanibbi
  4. March 2018 - Richard Zanibbi, Mahshad Mahdavi, Puneeth Kukkadapu, Aditya Murthy, Parag Mali, Wei Zhong, Xuan Huang, Xuechun Wu, Supriya Godge
  5. March 2017 - Kardo Aziz, Lakshmi Ravi, Michael Condon, Le Duc Anh (visiting), Kenny Davila, Ben Miller-Jacobson
  6. May 2016 - Yi Huang, Kenny Davila, and Richard Zanibbi.          
  7. March 2015 - Lei Hu, Siyu Zhu, Kenny Davila, Manish Kanadje, Houssem Chatbri, Richard Zanibbi
  8. May 2014 - Nidhin Pattaniyil, Lei Hu, Kenny Davila, Christopher Sasarak, Siyu Zhu, Awelemdy Orakwue, Zach Miller, Richard Zanibbi
  9. May 2013 - Lei Hu, Richard Zanibbi, Awelemdy Orakwue, Siyu Zhu, Francisco Alvaro, George Chen, Alex Canter, Christopher Sasarak, Matthias Reichenbach, and David Stalnaker
  10. August 2012 - Lei hu, Siyu Zhu, Robert LiVolsi, and Christopher Sasarak  
  11. July 2011 - Thomas Schellenberg, Lei Hu, Richard Zanibbi, Bo Ding, Kevin Hart, and Richard Pospesel
  12. July 2009 - Li Yu, Ling Ouyang, and Amit Pillay at PenMath/CICM in Grand Bend, ON, Canada
  13. August 2008 - Kurt Kluever (the lab's first graduate) writing up his MSc thesis on Video CAPTCHAs

56 since Fall 2007

Robin Avenoso, BSc/MSc Student (Computer Science). Now working at Eagleview in Rochester, ,NY.

Yancarlos Diaz, BSc/MSc Student (Computer Science). Working at Facebook in California.

Wei Zhong, PhD Student (Computing and Information Science).  Currently finishing studies at Univ. Waterloo (due to COVID).

Alexander Keller, Research Assistant (Computing and Information Sciences)

Mahshad Mahdavi, PhD Student (Imaging Science). Now working as a research at Apple in Cupertino, CA.

Gavin Nishizawa, BSc/MSc Student (Computer Science)

Jennifer Liu, BSc student (Computer Science)

Abishai Dmello, MSc Student (Computer Science). Now working at ESIR near San Diego, CA.

Parag Mali, MSc Student (Computer Science). Now working at Microsoft in the AI and Ink project.

Thomas Lazore, summer intern, 2019 (MCC Rochester)

Puneeth Kukkadpu, MSc Student (Computer Science). Working at ACV Auctions on pattern recognition and machine learning for handwriting recognition.

Yancarlos Diaz, BSc/MSc Student (Computer Science)

Xuechun Wu, MSc Student (CIAS)

Huang Xuan, MSc Student (Computer Science)

Aditya Murthy, MSc Student (Computer Science)

Supriya Godge, MSc Student (Computer Science)

Ben Miller-Jacobson, MSc Student (Computer Science)

Rahul Dashora, MSc Student (Computer Science)

Ritvik Joshi, MSc Student (Computer Science). Developer at Petuum Inc., a startup out of Carnegie Melon University which sells AI services in the cloud.

Jahongir Amirkulov, BSc Student (Computer Science), LSAMP Student Summer 2017

Kenny Davila Castellanos, PhD (Computing and Information Science). Postdoctoral Researcher at CEDAR/CUBS, University of Buffalo.

Kardo Aziz, MSc (Computer Science), Summer 2017. Working in Iraq as a Lecturer at the University of Sulaimani.

Michael Condon, MSc (Computer Science), Spring 2017. Working as a Pattern Recognition Software Engineer at Apple.

Lakshmi Ravi, MSc (Computer Science), Spring 2017. Working as a Data Scientist in Boston with the Amazon Alexa Machine Learning group.

Chinmay Jain, MSc (Computer Science), Spring 2017. Currently working with BBVA Compass.

Yi Huang, MSc (Computer Science), Spring 2016. Currently working with Delphi.

Lei Hu, PhD (Computing and Information Science), April 2016. Currently working in New York City at AppNexus.

Siyu Zhu, PhD (Imaging Science), April 2016.

Kedarnath Calangutkar, MSc (Computer Science), Fall 2015, starting work at Google, Mountain View in Feb. 2016

Manish Kanadje, MSc (Computer Science), Spring 2015.

Zachary Miller, MSc (Computer Science), RA Spring-Summer 2014, currently a research programmer in the Buckler Lab at Cornell University.

Kevin Talmadge, BSc/MSc (Computer Science) Summer 2014, currently working for Aspera Corp. in Emeryville, CA.

Amit Pillay, MSc (Computer Science) June 2014, RA Spring 2008; currently working at IBM Research

Nidhin Pattaniyil, MSc (Computer Science, 2014), RA Spring 2014; currently working for Comcast Corp. in Philadelphia, PA.

Christopher Sasarak, BSc/MSc student (Computer Science, expected 2014), NSF REU Student (Summer 2012), RA Fall 2012-Fall 2013

Justin Kelly, BSc student (Computer Science), NSF REU Student (Summer 2013), RA Fall 2013 - Spring 2014

Awelemdy Orakwue, BSc student (Computer Science), NSF REU Student (Summer 2012 & 2013), RA Fall 2012-Spring 2014

Keita Del Valle, MSc Human-Computer Interaction (2014); currently working as a User Experience (UX) Researcher at Google in Mountain View, CA.

David Stalnaker, BSc/MSc (Computer Science, 2013); currently working at Google Seattle.

Alex Canter, MSc Computer Science (2013); currently working for Amazon in Seattle, WA.

Matthias Reichenbach, MSc Human-Computer Interaction (2013), currently working in San Francisco at Square.

George Chen, BSc Imaging Science (2013); PhD student in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department at Rice University.

Robert LiVolsi, Research Assistant, Oct. 2011-Nov. 2012 (BSc Computer Engineering, 2013). Currently working at Google Cambridge (MA).

Meridangela Gutierrez Jhong (Jan. - May, 2012), Research Assistant (BSc Computer Science)

Kevin Hart, NSF REU student (Summer 2011), Research Assistant (BSc Computer Science)

Thomas Schellenberg, MS Computer Science (2011) currently working at Next Century (Columbia, MD).

Bo Ding, MS student (Imaging Science), Research Assistant, Summer 2011

Lane Lawley, Volunteer (BSc Computer Science)

Benjamin Holm, MS Computer Science (2011) currently working at Lenel Corporation (Rochester).

Richard Pospesel, Research Assistant (2010-2011), MS Interactive Games and Media (2011), currently working at Iron Galaxy

Dave Snyder, MS Imaging Science (2011), currently at Catalyst Inc. (Rochester, NY)

Li Yu, MS Computer Science (2010), currently pursuing a PhD at IIT (Chicago)

Ling Ouyang, MS Imaging Science (2009), currently at Intel (Santa Clara)

Kurt Kluever, MS Computer Science (2008), currently at Google New York

Ines Pavon, Research Assistant, Winter-Spring 2008-2009

Adam Risi, Research assistant, Fall 2008, BSc Computer Science, currently at Google Mountain View.


Huy Ung Quang (PhD student, Tokyo Univ. Agriculture and Technology) Oct-Dec 2019

Kwon-Young Choi, PhD Student, University of Rennes, France, June - November 2018

Le Duc Anh, PhD Student, Tokyo Univ. of Agriculture and Technology, Mar 2017

Houssem Chatbri, PhD student, Univ. Tsukuba, Japan, Feb-Mar 2015

Harold Mouchère, IUT, Univ. de Nantes, IRCCyN/IVC, France, June 2013

Francisco Álvaro, (PhD Student, Univ. Valencia Spain), Jan. - May 2013

Thanks also to...

Virgilio Guardado, MFA student (Graphic Design) - designed the original DPRL logo (2008)

James 'Linus' Craig, Sam Waters, and Arnela Stupac-Catello,  CS Department Systems Adminstrators 

Mark Stamer,  Computer hardware, lab space administration

Jordan Gates, Personnel administration

Tracy Miller and Jennifer Burt, Finances


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