Document and Pattern Recognition Lab
( dprl@RIT )

We research systems that recognize and retrieve information
in documents, images, and videos.

News: 2024

  • (May 2024) The dprl lab's paper on ChemScraper has been accepted to the ICDAR 2024 journal track. The paper describes (1) a fast and accurate technique for parsing born-digital (vector) PDF images, and (2) its use to create training data for a new approach to visual parsing of molecule diagrams in raster images (i.e., pixel-based such as from PNGs). Code is also available. The paper will appear in a special issue of IJDAR.
  • (May 2024) Internships: This summer PhD student Abhisek Dey is completing an internship with the drug design company Insitro in San Francisco (Daphne Koller is the CEO). Former RA Ming Creekmore will be working until January with Ying Diao's group in the MMLI NSF AI Center at Univ. Illinois Urbana-Champaign, applying AI to improve solar cell designs. 
  • (May 2024) Prof. Zanibbi published a new survey on handwritten math recognition with Masaki Nakagawa's group and Harold Mouchère: A Survey of Handwritten Mathematical Expression Recognition: The Rise of Encoder-Decoder and GNN Models. The paper has been published in the journal Pattern Recognition. (preprint)

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