Document and Pattern Recognition Lab

We research systems that recognize and retrieve information in documents, images, and videos.

News (2020)

  • (Dec) The lab welcomes Matt Langsenkamp, who will be working as a research programmer in the dprl.  Matt holds a CS degree from Ohio State, and previously worked as a software engineer at Cloudcheckr.
  • (Dec) The lab welcomes Abhisek Day, a new PhD student who will be working chemical information extraction and search for the MMLI project. Abhisek recently completed his MSc in Computer Engineering at RIT in the area of computer vision.
  • (Oct) There is an open PhD position to start in Fall 2021 through the MMLI project. Interested candidates should email Prof. Zanibbi ( to discuss the position.  [ position filled ]
  • (Sept) Congratulations to Robin Avenoso (BSc/MSc student), who received the Outstanding Undergraduate Scholar Award. This award celebrates the top 1% of undergraduate students who are able to maintain a high standard of academic excellence while also giving back to their community through civic or volunteer work, conducting research, or being engaged in a co-op or work in their field of study. 
  • (Sept) Congratulations to Yancarlos Diaz (BSc/MSc student), who has received a job offer from Facebook. Yancarlos plans to work in their NYC office after graduation.
  • (August)  The Molecule Maker Lab Institute (MMLI) at UIUC has been funded as one of the new NSF AI institutes. For this project, the dprl will be working on extraction, search, and knowledge graph creation in the chemical synthesis literature. An exciting application is using AI to develop better methods for creating solar cells.  There were additional news items posted by RIT online, on the local Rochester television and radio,  and Chuck Schumer's office sent out a press release (US Senator for New York State). 
  • (August) Congratulations to Mahshad Mahdavi, who successfully defended her dissertation in Imaging Science (title: Query-Driven Global Graph Attention Model for Visual Parsing: Recognizing Handwritten and Typeset Math Formulas)
  • (August) Congratulations to Gavin Nishizawa, who successfully defended his Master's thesis in Computer Science (title: Visual Structure Editing of Math Formulas)
  • (August) We welcome Ayush Shah to the project. Ayush is a new RIT PhD student who will work on formula recognition and retrieval.
  • (June) RIT has released a news story about MathDeck and MathSeer (link).
  • (May) The lab welcomes Alex Keller, who is a new PhD student joining the lab this summer. Alex's research will focus on formula indexing and retrieval.
  • (Apr) The first version of the MathDeck search interface has been released! We presented a demonstration of the system at ECIR 2020 (video link). The system is online at Congratulations to Gavin Nishizawa, Yancarlos Diaz, Abishai Dmello, and Jennifer Liu on this important milestone!  (RIT 'newsmaker' announcement)
  • (Apr) Congratulations to Mahshad Mahdavi, who has accepted a research position with Apple in Cupertino. She will join Apple in mid-August, after finishing her PhD dissertation.
  • (Apr) Congratulations to Yancarlos Diaz, who received the Outstanding 5th-year scholarship from the computer science department. Yancarlos is a BSc/MSc student.
  • (Apr) Congratulations to Mahshad Mahdavi, who had her paper on a novel CNN+attention model for parsing handwritten formulas accepted at the CVPR Workshop on Text and Documents in the Deep Learning Era.
  • (Apr) Wei Zhong's ECIR 2020 talk on accelerating formula search can be found online (YouTube).
  • (Apr) The ARQMath task was presented during the CLEF 2020 session at ECIR 2020. Registration closes Apr. 26 - please sign up if you wish to participate ASAP. Our thanks in particular to Behrooz Mansouri, who has been doing most of the hard work with creating the collection and evaluation tools.

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