CSCI-737: Pattern Recognition (Spring 2018)

  RIT Department of Computer Science

CSCI-737-01 Pattern Recognition (Spring 2018)

Instructor: Prof. Richard Zanibbi (web page; rxzvcs at rit dot edu )
Office Hrs: W 1:30-2:30pm, F 12:30-2:30pm
Lectures: MWF 2:30-3:25pm, GOL-3445

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Required Materials

  • N/A

Additional Resources

  • Notes on academic writing and research programming are available from Prof. Zanibbi's web pages.
  • Python Resources:
    • - Official Python website.
    • Reference text: Python for Software Design (How to Think Like a Computer Scientist) Allen Downey's excellent introductory text on programming using Python (manuscript is available for free online). Code from the book is available here.
    • Tutorials for Python 3.6 and Python 2.7.13 (an earlier version; included in case this is helpful).
    • IDLE - Documentation for Python's Integrated DeveLopment Environment (NOTE: python 3 docs)
    • matplotlib - the matlab-style plotting library which can be used in stand-alone python programs, or using the interactive IPython shell.
      • These have been installed on the CS computer systems. To use 'pylab' remotely (e.g. on your laptop), you need to open an x-terminal (e.g. using X11 on Mac, using putty or a Cygwin terminal on Windows, or 'terminal' on Linux/Unix systems), and then login using: ssh -Y . '-Y' allows new windows to be created on your machine when new plot/figure windows are created by 'pylab.'
  • A number of textbooks on Pattern Recognition are available from the RIT library.