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CSCI-736 Neural Networks and Machine Learning Syllabus

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The course will introduce students into the current state of artificial neural networks. It will review different application areas such as intrusion detection and monitoring systems, pattern recognition, access control and biological authentication, and their design. The students will be required to conduct research and analysis of existing applications and tools as well as to implement a course programming project on design of a specified application based on neural networks and/or fuzzy rules systems. (CSCI-630 or CSCI-331 or permission of instructor

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This class will be taught in a blended mode; in this case the class meeting time will be reduced but the students will have to do more work independently and online. Please, see Welcome to my class Introductory letter and mycourses for further information

Required Materials

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Additional Resource

Textbook: J.C.Principe, N.R.Euliaon, W. Curf Lefebvre “Neural and Adaptive systems” John Wiley and Sons

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 Projects  45
  Tests 40
 Presentations  15

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