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CSCI-630 Foundations of Intelligent Systems Syllabus

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An introduction to the theories and algorithms used to create intelligent systems. Topics include search algorithms (e.g. A*, iterative deepening), logic, planning, knowledge representation, machine learning, and applications from areas such as computer vision, robotics, natural language processing, and expert systems. Programming assignments and oral/written summaries of research papers are required.  (CSCI 603, CSCI 605, and CSCI 661, with B or better in all courses) or equivalent or permission of instructor  (students who complete CSCI 331 may not take CSCI 630 for credit)

Course Outcomes

Course Policies

This class may be taught in a blended mode; in this case the class meeting time will be reduced but the students will have to do more work independently and online. Please, see Welcome to my class letter and mycourses for further information

Required Materials

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Additional Resource

Artificial Intelligence. A systems approach, M. Tim Jones, Jones and Bartlett Publishers

Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach ,Russell & Norvig, Prentice Hall

Artificial Intelligence , Luger, Addison Wesley

L.Reznik ,Fuzzy Controllers Butterworth-Heinemann Oxford

Research papers from journals and conferences pertaining to Intelligent Systems research within Computer Science.


 Projects  30
 Tests 37
 Debates and discussions  15
 Research assignments  18

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