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CSCI-531 Introduction to Security Measurement Syllabus

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The course will introduce students into the algorithmical foundations and modern methods used for security evaluation and tools design. It will combine a theoretical revision of the methods and models currently applied for computer security evaluation and an investigation of computer security through the study of user’s practice. The students will be required to complete a few home assignments, to deliver a class presentation and to implement a team project. (CSCI-351 Data Communications and Networking I)

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This class may be taught in a blended mode; in this case the class meeting time will be reduced but the students will have to do more work independently and online. Please, see Welcome to my class letter and mycourses for further information

Required Materials

M. Bishop Computer Security, Art and Science, Addison-Wesley

Also, I want you to use an excellent brochure, practically a book, which was prepared by Cyber Security and Information Assurance Center (formerly IATAC) in 2009. The book “Measuring Cyber Security and Information Assurance: State of the Art Report” IATAC, May 2009 is available on line and on mycourses.

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 Projects  40
  Tests 35
 Presentations  10
 Assignments  15

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