Alexander G. Ororbia II

Contact Information:
Dept. of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
20 Lomb Memorial Dr
Rochester, NY 14623
ago AT cs DOT rit DOT edu
"The whole thinking process is still rather mysterious to us, but I believe that the attempt to make a thinking machine will help us greatly in finding out how we think ourselves."
-Alan Turing
Alex, one of the Connectionists!

Eductional Background:

  • B.S.E, Computer Science & Engineering, Bucknell University
  • Philosophy Minor, Bucknell University
  • Mathematics Minor, Bucknell University
  • Ph.D., Information & Science Technology, Pennsylvania State University
  • Social Data Analytics (SoDA) Minor, Pennsylvania State University
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    Research Interests

    • Lifelong machine learning (LML), also referred to as never-ending learning, lifelong learning, and continual learning
    • Learning algorithms
    • Artificial neural networks:
      • Multilayer perceptrons / feedforward networks
      • Recurrent networks
      • Neural probabilistic/generative models (e.g., variational autoencoders, Boltzmann machines)



  • Foundations of Intelligent Systems (CSCI 630, Fall 2018)