RIT Department of Computer Science
Intelligent Systems

Faculty and students in the Intelligent Systems Area work with the theories, algorithms and hardware needed to create systems that are able to perceive the world and act intelligently. Faculty research interests and research labs may be found below, along with a list of Intelligent Systems courses.

Intelligent Systems Faculty

Name Research Interests Laboratory
Zack Butler Robots for Education, Self-Reconfigurable Robots     RND Lab
Roxanne Canosa Computer Vision, Visual Perception, Image Understanding
Roger Gaborski Computer Vision, Acoustics Laboratory for Computational Sciences
Leon Reznik Machine Learning, Sensor Networks, Security
Linwei Wang Computational Biomedicine Computational Biomedicine Laboratory
Richard Zanibbi       
Document Recognition & Retrieval, HCI     Document and Pattern Recognition Lab (dprl)

Intelligent Systems Courses (Fall, Spring 2014-15)

All course codes begin with the prefix "CSCI-" (used for Computer Science). Computer Science undergraduate students are required to take CSCI-331; undergraduates specializing in Intelligent Systems are required to take an additional two courses. Graduate students specializing in Intelligent Systems are required to take three of the graduate courses below.

Please Note: Undergraduate students may take a number of IS graduate courses with permission of the course instructor, or the graduate coordinator. CSCI-539 and CSCI-739 are special topics courses, whose subject will be chosen by the instructor when offered.


331 Introduction to Intelligent Systems
431 Introduction to Computer Vision
531 Introduction to Security Measurement
532 Introduction to Intelligent Security Systems
539 Seminar in Intelligent Systems


630 Foundations of Intelligent Systems
631 Foundations of Computer Vision
632 Mobile Robot Programming
633 Biologically Inspired Intelligent Systems
731 Advanced Computer Vision
732 Image Understanding
734 Foundations of Security Measurement and Evaluation
735 Foundations of Intelligent Security Systems
736 Neural Networks and Machine Learning
737 Pattern Recognition
739 Topics in Intelligent Systems (Seminar)