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I am a Professor at the Department of Computer Science at Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY.

You can find me in Room 3-521, Golisano Hall (Building 70),  or you can contact me by means given here Please, see my schedule this semester.

Previously I worked at the Department of Computer Science, University of Texas at El Paso and School of Communications and Informatics at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia.

Please, see my CV for more information and the publication list.

j0254494.gif (19249 bytes) Wiley and IEEE Press released my new textbook: Leon Reznik Intelligent security systems: How artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science work for and against computer security. IEEE Press-Wiley&Sons, ISBN-13: 978-1119771531, ISBN-10: 1119771536, 2022
Please, see more information here. On this site, you can find my slides and lecture recordings for each chapter, also.
Please, contact the publisher if you want to buy the book or order the evaluation copy for your class. You might like to look at the publisher book description or the flyer .


Do you want to know what we are doing? Thank you for your interest.

Please, see my key presentations about my two major current (and probably, future) areas of research.

Direction 1: Security and data quality evaluation, Big Data phenomenon: see my key address From Big Data to Quality Data: What is the emerging sensor and network technology going to deliver next? to NetWare 2014 , an umbrella event incorporating a few international conferences on November 20, 2014 in Lisbon, Portugal. Also, at the same conference I chaired the panel on November 19 on the topic Information Privacy: Does it really matter?

Direction 2: Intelligent systems and sensor networks design, machine learning and neural networks techniques and their implementation, Big Data analysis: see a joint presentation with my former student Dmitri Yudanov Heterogeneous Implementation of Neural Network Algorithms to the AMD Developer Summit, San Jose, November 11-13, 2013

Also, if you missed our webinar , where we were describing our work on the NSF project on the Data Quality and Security Evaluation, organized by the National Center for Supercomputing Applications at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign under auspices of NSF, on March 26, 2018 , please, watch its video recordings Data Quality & Security Evaluation Framework Development with Leon Reznik & Igor Khokhlov on the YouTube channel. You can download the corresponding slides .

Please, see our publications and mobile applications for more information about our Data Quality and Security Evaluation framework and its implementations on mobile devices.

Want to learn even more?? Please, look at my current research activities, my latest publications and other information . If you are interested in collaboration, please, contact me .

Research administration:
I am an Associate Editor of the ACM Journal of Data and Information Quality . If you want to discuss your possible publication in the area of data quality and security evaluation, please, contact me .

Research grants (as a PI):
2020-22: US Military Academy/DoD “Self-learning capabilities for a mission oriented data quality and security assurance in military IoT systems” (award # W911NF2010337)
2021-22: CRDF Global/DoS “Security evaluation and improvement of the personal infrastructure with new tools and education development” (award # G-202102-67515)
2016-21: NSF “CICI: Data Provenance: Data quality and security evaluation framework for mobile devices platform” (award # ACI-1547301)
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    My publications: see the list


My  teaching areas include undergraduate and graduate courses in computer security, artificial intelligence and machine learning, programming and computer science, project design, student's project supervision (PhD, graduate, and undergraduate).

Main directions for possible student projects are presented here (note, this presentation introduces directions only; I am happy to discuss with you how they could be adjusted to your interests if you might be interested in my supervision)

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