Room 70-3500 (Golisano College)
Department of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology
Phone: (585) 475-4536

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The Document and Pattern Recognition Lab (dprl) is located in the Department of Computer Science at the Rochester Institute of Technology in Rochester, New York, USA. Our lab explores ways to improve the algorithms and tools used for automatic recognition and retrieval of information in documents, images, audio and video. The dprl was formed in the Summer of 2007, and we recently celebrated our 10th anniversary.

Dr. Davila's personalized cake! Thanks to Lorrie Jo
Turner for providing this.

Kenny with family and friends.
Dr. Kenny Davila, May 2018.
Prof. Zanibbi leading a session at GREC 2017
(Kyoto, Japan; they lost my luggage!)
Kenny Davila presenting his poster on the
Tangent-s formula search engine at SIGIR 2017
(Tokyo, Japan)
Prof. Zanibbi speaking with Ichiro Fujinaga and
Jose Calvo-Zaragoza at GREC 2017
Lei Hu's Best Poster Award (ICFHR 2016) Math Information Retrieval (MIR) researchers at
SIGIR 2016 in Pisa, L-R: Richard Zanibbi,
Kenny Davila, Moritz Schubotz, Iadh Ounis,
Bela Gipp, and Lingcai Gao.
Kenny Davila giving a talk for his paper at SIGIR
(slides) July, 2016
Prof. Zanibbi's RIT Golisano Computing
College Outstanding Scholar Award,
May 2017
Dr. Lei Hu, May 2016 Dr. Siyu Zhu, May 2016 Top: Nidhin Pattaniyil @ NTCIR-11
in Tokyo.
Bottom: Kenny Davila @ ICFHR 2014
in Crete.