Task 2:  Formula Search

Given a question post with an identified formula as a query, search all question and answer posts and return relevant formulas with their posts.

Above is an example query, with a formula taken from the example search for Task 1 at left, along with formulas with their associated posts (i.e., in-context) returned in search results at right. Relevant formulas are shown in green.

Topics and Runs

  • (Apr. 11) Topics for Task 2 are now available.
  • The corpus for both tasks is available online.
  • Formulas provided in LaTeX, Presentation MathML, and Content MathML
  • Manual and automatic runs will be collected.


  • Top-k formulas from participants + additional manual runs by organizers will be pooled. Assessors can use formula hits + pools from Task 1 to identify similar formulas.
  • Most topics will be assessed once, some doubly-assessed to check agreement. Assessors include volunteers from teams along with hired assessors.
  • (Mar 23) Update: we will be using nDCG' (i.e., nDCG after ignoring hits missing from the evaluation pool) to promote fair comparison with systems that do not participate in the task.

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