-- Walter Wolf

Your name: Walter Wolf

e-mail address: waw@cs.rit.edu

Your nickname (if any):

Home town and a bit about it: I was born and raised in Merrick, Long Island, NY, white bread and mayonaisse all the way.

Size of family: I have one wife and two children, one a college graduate and mother, the other a member of the Army. The wife is a retired newspaper reporter for the D&C. She is currently a community activist (unpaid) and media specialist (sometimes underpaid).

Pets: We have one dog(who sheds enough for five), four cats(none of which we really own), a frog that we have been baby-sitting (or frog sitting) for our daughter's college roommate(she graduated in 1989), and two rabbits. None of them pay their way. We ate the sheep, sold the ducks and the chickens were carried away by hawks. They still write for money.

Hobbies: I direct and act in plays, play several musical instruments (guitar and banjo types) and play basketball and racquet ball as well as sleeping a lot.

What kind of music do you like?: Golden oldies, show tunes (back when they had tunes) and small doses of most anything. We have just discovered zydeco, ideal for listening, dancing, partying and eating to. Drinking, also.

What do you like to read?: Science fiction and newspapers, mostly.

Anything else you'd like to tell people about yourself?: Email: waw@cs.rit.edu at work or wdwolf@flare.net at home.

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