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Digital Simulator

We will be using Logisim, a digital logic simulator created by Dr. Carl Burch at Hendrix College, for the digital logic experiments for the course. The simulator can be downloaded from several sources:

Note that the Logsim download page also has links for MacOS- and Windows-specific versions of the software.

You can find much more information about Logisim from the main Logisim web site. In particular, there are a number of useful documents at the Logisim documentation page, including links to a YouTube tutorial video.


SPIM on the CS Sun systems can be run from:

The "mothership" for all things related to SPIM is James Larus' SPIM: A MIPS32 Simulator web page, where you'll find everything related to the most current versions of SPIM.

Here are local copies of selected downloadable things from that site (note that these are not the most recent versions of SPIM):

Also available is a Mac OS X binary distribution of SPIM, from UC Berkeley.

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