4003-241: Problem-Based Introduction to CS

RIT Department of Computer Science
4003-241: A Problem-Based Introduction to CS
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The Weekly Schedule Readings are from: Visual Quickstart Guide: Python, Second Edition by Toby Donaldson. See MyCourses for deadline details.

Week Topics Lectures Homeworks Readings** Comments and Deadlines
Week 01 Introduction to CS


Simple Functions
Lecture Materials Homework 1 Chapter 1 through Chapter 3 (40 pages). Groups A & B assigned
Lab 1 assigned
Homework 1 due end of week
Week 02 General Recursion Lecture Materials Homework 2 Chapter 4, through Conditional Expressions,
Chapter 5, Functions (26 pages).
Lab 2 assigned
Lab 1 due Tuesday night(i.e. early Wed.)
Homework 2 due end of week
Week 03 Tail Recursion, While Loops & Assignment Lecture Materials Homework 3 Chapter 4, Loops (10 pages). Lab 3 assigned
Lab 2 due Tuesday night
Homework 3 due end of week
Week 04 Strings and Files

Introduction to Complexity
Lecture Materials Homework 4 Chapter 6, Strings (15 pages),
Chapter 8, Files Basics only (8 pages).
Lab 4 assigned
Lab 3 due Tuesday night
Homework 4 due end of week
Week 05 Midterm Exam Week TA Review Session     Written Exam is on second day.
Practical Exam is on third day.
Week 06 Sorting and Searching

Introduction to Lists
Lecture Materials Homework 5 Chapter 7, Lists and Tuples (16 pages). Lab 5 assigned
Lab 4 due Tuesday night
Homework 5 due end of week
Week 07 Greedy Algorithms

Introduction to Classes
Lecture Materials Homework 6 Chapter 10, Classes Basics only (4 pages).   Lab 6 assigned
Lab 5 due Tuesday night
Homework 6 due end of week
Week 08 LINKED Lists
Lecture Materials Homework 7 Notes.   Lab 7 assigned
Lab 6 due Tuesday night
Homework 7 due end of week
Week 09 Trees Lecture Materials Homework 8 Notes.   Lab 8 assigned
Lab 7 due Tuesday night
Homework 8 due end of week
Week 10 Final Exam Review Lecture Materials     Lab 8 due Tuesday night
Week 11 Final Exam Week       Final Exam: 2/xx/2013, TBA (See instructor for your section's exam location.)

** Note on the textbook: The textbook does not cover all course topics, and the lectures do not cover all topics in the textbook. Notes and handouts will supplement the textbook, and you should read the book to learn more about topics not covered in the lectures. This textbook also has a lot of whitespace on each page; that means it does not take as long as you might think to read 40 pages.

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