4003-241: Problem-Based Introduction to CS

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4003-241: A Problem-Based Introduction to CS
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Practice and Tutorials


Note: Python has two major versions, Python 2 and Python 3. Though similar, there are syntactic differences that will trap the unwary in a snare of syntax errors, and require you to learn to use either dialect. This course uses Python 3.

CS Department Useful Links and Tools


Editors and IDEs

To write problem-solving programs, you need a plain-text, code editor. Microsoft Word and other word processing programs will not work. A plain-text editor simply lets you write your code and save it in a file; the editor inserts no formatting characters other than line terminations and TAB characters (you should avoid using the TAB key, however).


To keep things simple as possible, you might want to learn an editor first and migrate later to an IDE.


An integrated development environment (IDE), provides editing and additional services such as library documentation and debugging tools.

Sampling of Python Books

This list is alphabetical by the author's last name. These books have, at one time or another, been considered for use by this course.

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