4003-241: Problem-Based Introduction to CS

RIT Department of Computer Science
4003-241: A Problem-Based Introduction to CS
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Last updated on Tue Feb 12 08:42:27 EST 2013

Week 10: Final Exam Review

See the Week 10 Review worksheet covered in week 10.

The CSC is giving its final exam review on FRIDAY, 2/15/2013, 6-8pm, in GOL-3445.

Amog is giving the TA final exam review on SATURDAY, 2/16/2013, 2-4pm, in GOL-1400.

Week 2: Recursion

Based on this week's learnings, you might be interested in working on a Python 'painting' for the CS1 Recursive Art Show. See the Art Show Instructions for information.

Week 1: Overview of the Course's Top Level Links