Computer Science 3 Projects


Projects are larger problems for you to solve outside of lab or lecture time. There will be two projects for this course, both of which will be done individually, not in teams. For each project you will have approximately four weeks in which to complete the work; there may be a series of mini-deadlines to meet during that period. There will be one or more submission targets to match these deadlines; the project handout will specify the details. The project handout will also clearly indicate project due dates, and whether projects may be submitted late with penalty. The projects are coordinated and graded by your lecture instructor.


Projects take longer to do than laboratory assignments. They require longer term scheduling and technical planning. Do not wait until the last minute to begin projects or to begin submitting project solutions! An all too common scenario is that a student will finish the code "in the nick of time" but not be able to submit on time because many other students are in the exact same situation, so the systems are incredibly sluggish.

The Projects

Project 1 - Stack-based Calculator

Project 2 - Word Cross Referencer

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