Xtreme Theory
Presentations and Papers
VCSG-709/VCSS-590, Spring 2004

All students, working in groups of three, choose one topic and present a one hour talk on this topic (if the number of students is not divisible by 3, then the last registered group will have 2 or 4 students). Topics and groups should be approved by the instructors. In addition, each graduate student will write a term paper on topic related to the presentation. Specific steps and dates are as follows.

First step, due April 3 (Sat)
Forming group and choosing a topic

You may still have doubts what to do, but you have to complete the steps below. The topic can be related to one of the lectures, but also can explore a new area. All topics will be reviewed in class. The instructors and other students may suggest modifications. If still in doubt, talk to one of the instructors about the details during the next week.

Second step, April 13 (Tue)

All students have fixed groups and subjects of their presentations. Abstracts will reflect modifications suggested on 4/6. Each group page must contain at least three references to sources. Send to spr proposed presentation day and time (as listed below). Note that only 6 spots are available at the end of the quarter. We expect at least some volunteers for an early presentation in April.

Third step, May 11 (Tue)

(only graduate students) Formatted hardcopy of the paper due. It has to be posted on the web as well.

Group Presentations

Attendance of all students is required during the presentations. Students will fill out short forms to evaluate presentations of the other groups. These evaluations will contribute to the presentation part of the grade.

  1. Dan Bress, Oliver Kikic, Computational Models in Ad Hoc Networks, Tue 4/27, 2pm
  2. Brad Israel, Craig Hammell, Jon Martel, Jon Ludwig, Quantum Computing, Tue 5/11, 2pm
  3. Willem Ave, Fotios Lindiakos, Keith Lopez, 3D Model Reconstruction based on 2D images, Tue 5/11, 3pm
  4. David Hart, Kevin Thompson, Traveling Salesman Problem, Thu 5/13, 2pm
  5. Kyle Morse, J. Mark Srebro, Chaos Theory, Self Organization & Complex Systems, Thu 5/13, 3pm
  6. Joshua Ganger, Zack Landau, Matthew Rick, A Proposal to Improve the Bit Torrent Peer Group Selection Algorithm, Tue 5/18, 12:30 pm, room 70-3560
  7. Khaled Abukhidejeh, Takahisa Sakurai, Pat Wilson, Perlin Noise, Tue 5/18, 01:30 pm, room 70-3560

5/18 is in the final exam week, and the last class meeting was scheduled at different time and place.

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