MS Project/Thesis Seminar
Fall 2005

Homepages of participants

  1. Jeremy King, Applications of Motion Capture and Behavioral Modeling techniques to Air Force Drill movement training. 10/10, 10/17
  2. Charles Knerr, Use of zero knowledge proofs and homomorphic encryption on Java-capable smart cards. 10/3,
  3. Jonathan Lareau, Audio Scene Classification and Identification. 10/17,
  4. Oludare Oyedele, Security in a Multi-Meshed Tree Routing Scheme for Internet MANETs. 10/10,
  5. David Rivshin, four options posted. 10/3,
  6. Stanislaw Radziszowski , instructor , combinatorial computing
    See also the list of MS projects and thesis defended under my supervision.
Guest speakers:
  1. Roman Koshykar, Wallace Memorial Library, 9/12, 6pm
  2. Andy Kulp, student, Exploring the Erdos-Szekeres Problem, 9/19, 6pm
  3. 9/26 - short presentations by all students