MS Project/Thesis Seminar
Fall 2004

Homepages of participants

  1. Melanie Agnew, graph drawing
  2. Charles Barrasso , robots
  3. Matt Cowles, Ramsey numbers
  4. Le-ake Mariam Gebre Kristos, small worlds and networks
  5. Jisoo Kim, authenticated peer group key agreement
  6. Binil K Kurian, implementing M2MP in kernel space
  7. William C McLaughlin, scheduling with GAs
  8. Laura Beth Lincoln, oblivious transfer
  9. Ashfaq Mohammed, active collection framework with fault tolerance
  10. Gregory J. Rowe, c-front compiler
  11. Stanislaw Radziszowski , instructor , combinatorial computing
    See also the list of MS projects and thesis defended under my supervision.
Guest speakers:
  1. Sungho Maeung , electronic voting, 9/13, 6pm
  2. Brian McMullen, student, computing reconstruction numbers, 9/20, 6pm
  3. Gnanasekaran Sakthivel, student, diffusion in Rijndael/AES, 9/27, 7pm
  4. William Nickles, student, XTR cryptosystem, 10/4, 6pm
  5. Joseph Gangl , student, Real time implementation of the iCAM color model, 10/11, 6pm
  6. Oliver Kikic, visuala cryptography, 11/1, 7pm