Cryptography II
VCSG-706, Spring 2010


  1. Liliya Andreicheva, Blue Midnight Wish
  2. Alex Blank, WEP Vulnerabilities and Attacks
  3. Darryl Eychner, Collision Attacks Against CubeHash
  4. Kevin Hicks, Skein
  5. Alexander Kozak and Jared Vanderbeck, Side-channel attacks on RSA with CRT
  6. Matthew Pointon, Concurrent Time-Based Zero Knowledge
  7. Michael Pratt, Feasability of Remote Timing Attacks
  8. Adam Risi and Ross Snider, Overview of Gentry's Homomorphic Encryption Scheme
  9. Michael Sanfilippo, AES Hardware Implementation
  10. Timothy Sperr, Hardware Considerations for Elliptic Curve Cryptography
  11. Andrew Scott, The demise of MD5
  12. Anup Talwalkar and Barath Thangaraj, Attacks on RSA

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