Term Papers
Complexity and Computability
Spring 2001

Choosing Topic

This quarter I prefer computability oriented papers, though complexity topics are also fine. You can use our textbook as the source of ideas. Please, get in touch with me if you have doubts what constitutes a valid subject.

First step, due April 5

Second step, April 12

All students have an approved subject of their term paper. Each student will present the outline to the whole group.

Third step, due May 15

Formatted hardcopy of the paper due.
It's contents has to be posted on the web.

Fourth step, due May 22

Send to spr@cs.rit.edu reviews of all your colleagues' papers. Send each review in a separate email message, in plain text (not as an attachment), containing only the review. The subject line of the message must have the form i-j, where i is your index, and j is the index of the paper you are reviewing. I will concatenate all reviews without mail headers and send them to the authors of the papers.


Due to small size of the class, all students will give oral presentations of their papers during usual meeting time. About 5 to 10 transparencies are required. Early Volunteers for the presentations will be very welcome!

List of Subjects, Spring 2001

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