Abstractions and Practicalities

Rhys Price Jones
Department of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology


Rhys Price Jones recently moved to RIT after 13 years in the computer science department at Oberlin College. Summer 2000 he taught PLC and Theory for the CS department. Currently he is teaching with faculty in Animation, Computer Graphics Design and BioInformatics.

"Abstractions and Practicalities" is scheduled for Winter and Spring. Briefly, students will study abstract concepts in class and lab; but will also discuss practical problem solving in a seminar setting. The intent is that students will bring with them a worthwhile problem from another discipline and involve a professor from that field in the discussions.

In this talk, Rhys will describe some of the topics he intends to cover and some of the laboratory exercises to be assigned. Comments, criticisms, and suggestions from the audience will be particularly welcomed.

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