Enterprise Computing: Does CS have a role to play ?

Rajendra Raj
Department of Computer Science, RIT


An enterprise typically is an organization of people or entities that share some common goals or objectives. Enterprises vary in shape and size: they may be large or small, local or global, for-profit or non-profit, commercial or non-commercial, and governmental or non-governmental. Despite these differences, most enterprises typically have common sets of needs such as customer/client management, information sharing, and asset/resource tracking and management. Enterprise computing has become the accepted term for describing the design and implementation of near-real-time distributed transactional applications integrated to address the common needs of an enterprise. Solutions for enterprise computing are available in the marketplace: from single monolithic applications through sets of applications composed of proprietary or standards-based components. In this talk, I will discuss enterprise computing and the role, if any, of CS in this area.

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