The Active Collection Framework

Rajendra Raj
Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, New York, NY


As large distributed organizations transition to an always "open for business" paradigm, their supporting enterprise-wide distributed software applications face the problem of sharing enterprise data consistently in near-real-time. Enterprise data is typically stored in multiple diverse persistent data stores, and these applications continually create, retrieve, update delete this data. In this talk, I will present the Active Collections Framework (ACF), which is proposed as one mechanism for addressing this problem. ACF provides uniform application access to both enterprise data and subsequent data changes through the concept of an Active Collection. I will describe the basic features of ACF, illustrate its usefulness in building enterprise applications, and briefly present ACF implementation issues.

About the Speaker

Rajendra K. Raj is Vice President in Information Technology at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, where he currently manages the development of a global securities database and infrastructure for use in the Firm's asset management business. Dr. Raj previously led the development of several generations of transactional distributed financial object infrastructures, and managed the storage, access and semantic integration of historical market data for distributed applications. Before joining Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, Dr. Raj was an Assistant Professor at SUNY Oswego. He holds a Ph.D. from the University of Washington, Seattle.

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