Advanced Web Publishing - Tools and Techniques

Lawrence A. Coon
Rochester Institute of Technology


With the explosion of interest in the World Wide Web comes an increased sophistication of the part of the user. It is no longer enough to present material clearly. Despite the intend of the original Web designers, the way material is presented is becoming more and more important. In the battle of content versus presentation, presentation is clearly winning. The purpose of the colloquium is to introduce some advanced tools and techniques that can be used to enhance Web pages.

A familiarity with basic HTML2 will be assumed.

Part I, 21 Dec 1995

Tools such as syntax checkers, editors and translators that can be used to assist in page creation will be briefly discussed. Then the following HTML features will be covered: backgrounds, mailto, tables and clickable imagemaps. For each HTML feature, first the syntax will be given, then an example will be developed.

Part II, 16 Jan 1996

An introduction to CGI programming covering searchable documents, forms, and user developed CGI programs. Simple examples of a searchable phone book, a page access counter and a fillout form will be developed.

All slides and examples are available at Advanced HTML Features

Colloquia Series page.