There's Something To It ...
Reflections From the XP Universe Conference

James R. Vallino
Department of Computer Science and Software Engineering
Rochester Institute of Technology

You may have heard about Extreme Programming (XP). It promises improved product development that reacts to customer's changing demands, delivers on time and prevents developer burn-out. For some, just the name "Extreme" has bad connotations. Some others who have gotten past the name, look at the process and consider it glorified hacking or process anarchy. In July, I attended the XP Universe conference in Raleigh, NC. As expected, the conference was full of members of the XP choir singing the praises of XP. Once I filtered through that and heard about the projects that XP teams are tackling and considered the process in more detail, I began to think that there really is something to it. The zealots claim that you have to swallow the entire thing to experience the real benefits but many teams are adapting only pieces of the process where it is appropriate. In this talk, I will describe the XP process and highlight what I thought was particularly interesting from the XP Universe conference.

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