Augmented Reality Document Viewer

James R. Vallino
Department of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) is a technology for merging synthetic sensations with a user's perception of the real world. Augmented reality applications exist in many domains including medicine, entertainment and manufacturing. This talk will describe an Augmented Reality Document Viewer that I prototyped for the Digital Imaging Technology Center at Xerox's Webster Research Center. For those unfamiliar with augmented reality I will start with a short introduction to the technology I will then describe the system that was built. This system uses computer vision to detect the location of a sheet of paper in the user's environment. A user viewing the sheet of paper while wearing a head-mounted display will see the electronic image of a document on the sheet of paper. The document is a web page displayed in by a standard browser. The user can point at links or buttons on the web page and command the browser using voice input. At the end of my talk I will describe what worked and did not work so well.

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