Augmented Reality

James R. Vallino
Department of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology

Augmented reality is the merging of synthetic sensory information into a user's perception of a real environment. Until recently, it has presented a passive interface to its human users, who were merely viewers of the scene augmented only with visual information. In contrast, practically since its inception, computer graphics--and its outgrowth into virtual reality--has presented an interactive environment. In this talk I will present my thesis work in interactive augmented reality. The presentation will describe: techniques that free the user from restrictive requirements such as working in calibrated environments, results showing haptic interface technology incorporated into augmented reality domains, and systems considerations that underlie the practical realization of these interactive augmented reality techniques. The presentation will include video tape segments of the working system.

For those you might like a preview of this talk you can either ask me for a copy of my thesis or look at my Augmented Reality web site. One of the pages contains links to MPEG video clips of the working system.

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