Developing Applets in Java

Barton C. Fisk
Sun Microsystems
Littleton, MA


Sun Microsystems new development language for the Internet promises to significantly enhance the interactivity and productivity of the WWW. The language, a derivative of C and C++ is used to create applets, small applications that download to your browser space. Even though Java has not yet shipped, hundreds of applets are already available on the Web and several books have already made their way to the stores.

Barton Fiske, of Sun Microsystems, will join us for an informal technical introduction and in-depth discussion of the hows and whys of the Java Language. Those of you who want to learn more about Java before the presentation can visit the Java website.

Barton Fiske is a graduate of the CS program at RIT. He is currently a Desktop Systems Product Marketing Manager for Sun Microsystems. In addition to his work at Sun, Barton is hard at work on a book about Java for McGraw-Hill.

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