Many-to-Many Invocation:
A New Paradigm for Ad Hoc Collaborative Systems

Hans-Peter Bischof
Department of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology


Many-to-Many Invocation (M2MI) is a new paradigm for building collaborative systems that run in wireless proximal ad hoc networks.

M2MI is useful for building a broad range of systems, including multiuser applications (conversations, groupware, multiplayer games); systems involving networked devices (printers, cameras, sensors); and collaborative middleware systems.

M2MI provides an object oriented method call abstraction based on broadcasting. An M2MI invocation means: Every object out there that implements this interface, call this method.

Devices. M2MI is layered on top of a new messaging protocol, the Many-to-Many Protocol (M2MP), which broadcasts messages to all nearby devices using the wireless network's inherent broadcast nature instead of routing messages from device to device.

The talk will give an introduction to M2MI.

This is joint work with Alan Kaminsky.

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