Possible Use of Robots in the CS Curriculum at RIT

Edward Bonver
Department of Computer Science
Rochester Institute of Technology


Handy Board The Handy Board is a hand-held, battery-powered microcontroller board ideal for personal and educational robotics projects. Based on the Motorola 68C11 microprocessor, the Handy Board includes 32K of batter-backed static RAM, outputs for four DC motors, inputs for a variety of sensors (photo, infra-red, magnetic, etc.), and a 16x2 character LCD screen. The Handy Board runs Interactive C, a cross-platform, multi-tasking version of the C programming language.

I have put together a robot based on the Handy Board technology, and will give a presentation which will include the following topics:

My presentation is designed to introduce the idea of use of robots in our Computer Science curriculum, develop basic concepts behind the idea, and provoke further interest from the side of faculty to explore this idea in a greater depth.

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