JIVE: Java Interactive Visualization Environment

Bharat Jayaraman and Paul Gestwicki
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
State University of New York at Buffalo


We discuss issues in interactive execution and visualization of the run-time states of object-oriented programs. Our approach is embodied in a system called JIVE, for Java Interactive Visualization Environment. JIVE supports a number of useful features that enhance run-time program comprehension: multiple views of object structure at varying levels of granularity; summarized view of the entire execution history; forward as well as reverse execution; aesthetic layouts; and flexible runtime queries on object states. Drawing object structures and the execution history is essentially a problem of optimal rendering of directed graphs. We survey the types of graphs that arise in this context and the graph-drawing algorithms that are generally used. We show that an approach that combines graph-theoretic and program-specific criteria leads to an overall better layouts. A demonstration of the current JIVE prototype will also be given in the talk.

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