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Master's Thesis, Computer Science

Automatic Error Recovery Using P3 Response Verification for a Brain-Computer Interface

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Abstract: A brain-computer interface (BCI) is an augmentative communication mechanism that does not rely on peripheral nerves or muscles. Current BCIs are error prone and slow with error rates of 10 to 30% and transmission rates of 10-25 bits/min, however, error recovery and correction in BCI has largely been neglected. The focus of this thesis is the development of a method to automatically recover errors in BCI using the P3 brain signal for response verification. The existence of the P3 signal in responses to controlled goal items is shown in an evoked potential BCI used to control items in a virtual apartment. A reduced response exists when items are accidentally controlled. Offline experiments were run, and with a theoretical mean improvement in accuracy from 78% to 85%, there was a statistically significant improvement (P < 0.008, Wilcoxon signed rank test) in accuracy of 3% using a correlation algorithm for P3 signal detection on responses. The presence of the P3 signal in responses to goal items indicates it can be used for automatic error recovery without requiring additional time, which will improve the speed and accuracy of brain-computer interfaces.




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C++ Dynamic Multidimensional Array example: MultiArray.cpp. Templated utility class: MultiArrayUtilties.h MultiArrayUtilties.cpp

Cygwin Installation Tutorial: Cygwin is a Unix like environment for Windows. Tutorial details installing ssh, Vim, and Emacs under Cygwin.

wrap A perl script that traverses files specified on the command line calling subroutines before and after traversing, and before, on, and after each line. Wrap currently places a header and footer with the file name around each file and writes everything to standard out. There are options to number the lines without justification and with right justification.

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