Dr. Roger S. Gaborski

Professor, Department of Computer Science                 Roger Gaborski
Director, Laboratory of Computational Studies
Rochester Institute of Technology
102 Lomb Memorial Drive
Rochester, New York  14623-5608

Email: rsg@cs.rit.edu
Office: GOL-3647
Lab: GOL-3400
Phone: 585-475-4931
Fax: 585-475-7100

Research interests:

Image Understanding

Biologically inspired machine learning

Evolutionary algorithms

Pattern recognition

Signal Analysis

Biological modeling

Cognitive-based image scene understanding

Entity resolution

Financial time series analysis and forecasting


 The following topics are suitable for a  MS capstone project, MS thesis or Independent Study (both undergrad and grad)

Topic 1: Digital Generation and Evolving 2D images and 3D forms:

*Spiral Packing

  This project is based on the paper, "Spiral Packing" by Cameron Browne and Paul van Wamelen (http://www.researchgate.net/publication/222361949_Spiral_packing). The goal of this project is to implement the algorithm described in the paper and generate a collection of color images.

*General Project
The paper "Evolutionary Visual Art and Design" by Matthew Lewis describes several methods for artistic design using evolutionary algorithms. After reviewing the paper select the method you find most interesting and write a 2 paper document describing your proposed project. Email the document to rsg@cs.rit.edu. We can then meet and discussed your proposal



[1] W. Pang, C. K. Hui. Interactive Evolutionary 3D Fractal Modeling. The Visual Computer, vol.

26(12), 2010, pp. 1467-1483.

[2] W. Somlak. An Aesthetics Driven Approach to Jewelry Design. Computer-Aided Design and Applications, vol.7(4), 2010, pp. 489-503.

[3] B. Spehar, C.W.G. Cliord, B. R. Newell, R. P. Taylor. Universal aesthetic of fractals. Computers & Graphics, vol. 27(5), 2003, pp. 813-820.

[4] S. Draves. The Electric Sheep Screen-Saver: A Case Study in Aesthetic Evolution. Applications

of Evolutionary Computing, Lecture Notes in Computer Science, vol. 3449, 2005, pp. 458-467.

[5] M. Lewis. Evolutionary Visual  Art and Design. The Art of Artificial Evolution, Natural Computing Series , 2008, pp. 3-37

[6] An Evolutionary Approach for Generating 2D and 3D

Fractal Art, Corina Blajovici

[7] Spiral packing, Cameron Browne and Paul van Wamelen

Topic 2: Studying Aesthetics in Photographic Images and Artwork

It is a relatively easy task for a human to judge the aesthetic quality/value of an image we know if we like an image or not. The purpose of this project is to develop a computational algorithm that can make the same judgment with a rating between 1 and 10.

REFERENCE: Structural content in paintings: Artists overregularize oriented content of paintings relative to the typical natural scene bias
April M Schweinhart, Edward A Essock


Topic 3: Evolving Cellular Automata with Genetic Algorithms

The goal of this project is to evolve cellular automata (CA) rules using a genetic algorithm to perform complex tasks.

Interested students should contact Dr. Roger S. Gaborski, Department of Computer Science, rsg@cs.rit.edu

Curriculum Vitae

Teaching (Fall Semester):

Introduction to Computer Vision Rm (GOL) -3445  Tu/Th 8:00-9:15
Foundations of Computer Vision
Rm (GOL) - 3445 Tu/Th 9:30 - 10:45

Semester Courses - tentative description and schedule (see course links above for this quarter's updated information):

CSCI-431 Introduction to Computer Vision Syllabus
CSCI-431 Introduction to Computer Vision Schedule

CSCI-631 Foundations of Computer Vision Syllabus
CSCI-631 Foundations of Computer Vision Schedule

CSCI-731 Advanced Computer Vision Syllabus
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CSCI-633 Biologically Inspired Intelligent Systems Syllabus
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