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About Me

I graduated from RIT with a B.S. in Science and Technology, with a dual concentration in Social Welfare and Business Management, as well as a minor in Psychology. I started my RIT career at the Online Learning department as the Research Analyst Assistant in 2002. During which I assisted with surveying faculty and students courseware usefulness, performed an online course inventory, surveyed faculty's use of technology and online strategies, and researched textbook publishers online supplemental options. I then became Online Learning's Customer Services Liaison, where I worked closely with prospective and current online learning students. In 2005, I became the Curriculum Resource Supporter coordinating annual and quarterly student surveys, faculty quarterly information, course media production and materials, as well as database management of online and other affiliated courses. In 2006, I became the Information Control Analyst, overseeing the collection and analysis of Online Learning data. I produce reports that assist management with diverse issues such as top-level strategy, planning, forecasting, and resource allocation. Additionally, I also create and maintain print and online communications for the department.

The reason I am taking this course is to learn the foundations of web page structure, and to familiarize myself with the related terminology.


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