CSCI 630-01: Foundations of Intelligent Systems (Fall 2016)

Department of Computer Science, RIT (Fall 2016)
CSCI 630-01 Foundations of Intelligent Systems

Instructor: Prof. Richard Zanibbi ( rxzvcs(at) )
  Office Hrs (GOL-3551): W 10-11:50am, Fri. 2-3pm
  Lectures (GOL-3455): MWF 1-2pm
Teaching Assistant: Kenny Davila (kxd7282(at)
Office Hrs (DPRL Lab GOL-3500): Tues/Thurs 1-2pm, starting Week 2

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Week 16

  • Assignment 5 is due on Wednesday at 6pm.
  • Final Research Paper summaries are due next Wednesday (Dec. 14th) at 11:59pm through MyCourses.
  • Final exam: 12:30-2:30pm, Fri. Dec. 16, Location: GOL-3455 (Classroom)
  • In-class research paper presentations will be given on Monday and Wednesday - see schedule below.
  • We will have a review session for the exam on Friday. Bring questions that you have to class (e.g., from assignments, exams, or other course materials). The review slides shown in class last week giving an overview of the course have been posted on MyCourses.

Week 15

  • Assignment 5 has been posted on MyCourses, and is due next Wednesday at 6pm.
  • Research Paper Summaries: will begin on Friday of this week, and run until Wednesday of next week. The presentation schedule is provided below; one member of each group is named.
    • Friday Dec. 2: 1) Brody, 2) Bruce, 3) Mansa, 4) Shreya
    • Monday Dec. 5: 1) Deepak Shar. 2) Nanveet 3) Akash 4) Pragash
    • Wednesday Dec. 7: 1) Siddharth T., 2) Ameya, 3) Amruta
    • Doodle Poll to select papers: here.
    • If there is a paper that you would like to present and summarize instead, please send the paper with a complete citation to Prof. Zanibbi ASAP.
  • Final Exam: Fri. Dec. 16th 12:30-2:30pm in GOL-3455 (our regular classroom).

Week 13

  • Project 2 is due on Friday.
  • We will continue our discussion of predicate (first order) logic this wek.
  • Next Week: no class on Wednesday or Friday. Have a good Thanksgiving holiday.

Week 12

  • Assignment 4 is due on Friday.
  • Project 2 is due next Friday (Wk 13).
  • We will finish our discussion of propositional logic, and move on to discussing predicate logic this week.

Week 11

  • Project 2 and Assignment 4 have been posted on MyCourses. Assignment 4 is due next Friday (Nov. 11th), and Project 2 in two weeks (Nov. 18th). There is a small programming question on the assignment designed to help people make a good start on the MLP implementation for Project 2.
  • The key for Assignment 3 has been posted on MyCourses.

Week 9

  • The midterm will be given in-class on Friday.
  • Kenny Davila, the course TA, will be giving next week's lectures while I am away at a conference (for the curious, presenting a recently graduated PhD student's work here: ICFHR 2016).
  • The answer key and a sample solution for Project 1 are available through MyCourses, and grading for Project 1 is complete. If you have any questions or concerns about your grade, wait until I return to ask me about it (i.e., don't ask the TA about this).
  • Schedule Change: Project 2 will be assigned in Week 11, after I've returned from the conference.

Week 8

  • Assignment 3 is due next Wednesday at 6pm.
  • We will finish our discussion of decision trees and begin discussion of linear and logistic regression this week (see Schedule link above for related readings).
  • The midterm will be given in-class on Friday next week.

Week 7

  • This week we will start our unit on machine learning.
  • Project 2 is due Friday (Oct. 7th) at 6pm.
  • The midterm will be given in-class Friday of Week 9 (Oct. 21st). Sample exams from previous years are available from the "Resources" link above.

Week 6

  • This week we finished up probability.
  • Project 2 is due next Friday (Oct. 7th) at 6pm.

Week 5

  • This week we will finish up game search, and review probability (slides have been posted).
  • Project 1 has been posted on MyCourses. It is due Friday, Oct. 7th at 6pm.
  • Assignment 1 grades are posted - through the dropbox you will see notes on your programming submission, along with an annotated version of your submitted .pdf file.
  • The solution key and a sample solution program have been posted on MyCourses for Assignment 2.
  • There were some instances of cheating on the first assignment. If you have any questions about what constitutes academic dishonesty for assignments and projects, please visit Prof. Zanibbi during an office hour.

Week 4

  • Slides on heuristic search and game search have been posted.
  • Assignment 2 will be due on Friday at 6pm.
  • The grading key and sample solution program for Assignment 1 have been posted on MyCourses.

Week 3

  • Assignment 1 is due Friday at 6pm. Remember to submit through the MyCourses dropbox, and to read the submission instructions carefully.
    • Important Note: for the IDS question, because DFS is used at each iteration, for the graph search you will need to record the shortest path seen for each visited state, pruning only when a longer path to an explored state is produced. You should re-initialize your record of generated states at each iteration of IDS.
  • Assignment 2 will be posted on Friday, and be due next Friday (Week 4).

Week 2

  • The TA office hours will be held in the DPRL (GOL-3500) from now on.
  • Slides for this week's lectures on uninformed search are available through MyCourses. The associated reading from the text can be found on the Schedule page.
  • Assignment 1 has been posted on MyCourses. It is due next Friday at 6pm. Please note: you do not need to repeat questions in your answers.

Week 1

  • Lecture slides are available through MyCourses.
  • Read Chs. 1.1-1.5 and Ch. 2 of the course text (readings are posted in the Schedule (link above)).
  • The course syllabus and schedule are now online.
  • Please consult the 'Resources' page.
  • This page is linked within the MyCourses shell for CSCI 630-01.