Welcome to Pervasive Computing Lab

Pervasive computing envisages a world where the human is at the center, while available computing and communication resources are utilized to provide application level services and information. Research in pervasive computing has many challenges – multiple contexts, heterogeneity, scale, and dynamicity of users, applications and devices. At the pervasive computing lab, we are engaged in research in the broad areas of Ad hoc and sensor systems, middleware for pervasive computing, opportunistic networks and computing, cooperative and distributed robotics, and wireless mesh networks, computer networks, and distributed computing. The main theme of our research is to create application level software services and utilities exploiting available resources including mobile phones, unmanned autonomous vehicles (UAVs), robots, sensors and infrastructure devices. Specific investigations include –

Service composition in mobile, pervasive and opportunistic environments
Collaboration in participatory environments
Distributed transactions processing in opportunistic networks
Clusters and large-scale distributed computing
Routing, switching, network transport, and application-layer protocols
P2P, overlay, and content distribution networks
Context-aware, adaptive systems
Mechanisms for preserving user privacy
Task allocation for robot teams
Highly-capable robots for CS education

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