CSCI-250 Concepts of Computer Systems, Summer 20188

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This course will be using the zybook for the textbook: Computer Organization and Design: The Hardware/Software Interface, Fifth Edition, by David Patterson & John Hennessy, 2014, Morgan-Kaufmann. The zybook contains a complete copy of that book.

The zybook is required, as a part of your grade will be made up of the questions found within the zybook.

You can find the zybook by:




Exam Date/Time Location(s) Study Guide Review Session Notes
Exam 1: Week 5 Sec. 01: Thur June 13 In class topic list Tue. June. 11th from 01:05-02:05, 70 (GOL)-3560
Exam 2: Week 9 Sec. 01: Thur July 11 In class topic list Tue. July. 09th from 01:05-02:05, 70 (GOL)-3560
Final Check SIS for your final exam schedule Check SIS for your final exam schedule topic list Tue. Aug. 06th from 01:05-02:05, 70 (GOL)-3560


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