CSCI-243 Mechanics of Programming, Spring 20135

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03 char[] and struct examples. Also included my G script that can be used to compile using gcc flags -std=99, -Wall, and -ggdb.
04 pointers and arrays example code.
05 Linked List example code.
07 Input/Output example code. NEW


  • All grading of your experiments and projects will be done on the CS Dept. UNIX computers. If you are doing your work on your own computer, you will be responsible for transfering the files over to the CS Dept. computers for submission (using sftp or some other method). You must make sure the code you submit works in this environment.


    Exam Date/Time Location Study Guide Review Session Notes
    Exam 1 Week 6: sec 03: March 06 70-1400: Auditorium TBA
    Exam 2 Week 10: sec 03: April 10 7a(booth)-1440 TBA
    Final Week 16: Wed May 21st, 02:45PM-04:45PM 10-a310


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