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Key Resource
Parallel Computers

Odyssey FAQ
The sC++ language - Synchronous Java
Applied Parallel Research, Inc.
ARCH Library
Center for Computational Research, SUNY Buffalo
Concurrent Systems Engineering
The Deadlock Checker Tool
Electrical and Computer Engineering 6750
Embedded Solutions - Academic Program Overview
Galaxy Parallel Supercomputer Project
jce - The Game Of Life
Kuck & Associates, Inc.
Introduction to OpenMP
OpenMP Standard for Shared-memory Parallel Directives
Course: Writing Parallel Programs with OpenMP
Parallel Programming - UNC Charlotte
Parallel Programming - NCSU CSC495A Home Page
Parallel Programming -- Department of Computer Science
Sun Online Documentation
SunLabs: 1998 Technical Reports
The theory and practice of concurrency
Tools for CSP

Cluster Computing

MOSIX - Scalable Cluster Computing for Linux (Hebrew Univ.)
Appleseed-parallel Macintosh Cluster
IEEE CS Task Force on Cluster Computing
Kaláka, Distributed system for high performance parallel computing (Univ. of Auckland, NZ)
SCL Cluster Cookbook

Java for Parallel/High Performance Computing

Concordia Home Page
Concurrent Programming Using the Java Language
concurrency: State Models and Java Programs
Infosphere Infrastructure - Current Release
IPCA - parallel:occam:projects:occam-for-all:javapp
IPCA - parallel:kroc
Java Communicating Sequential Processes (JCSP) Library
CTJ - Communicating Threads in Java (NL)
Java(tm) Distributed Computing
Java Parallel
JavaOne Session Presentations
TOPIC Links and Pages
mpiJava Home Page
Index of /JavaMPI/
An Object-Oriented Message-Passing Interface for Java
Java for Scientific Computing
DOGMA Homepage
MPI Java Wrapper Implementation
Object Management Group Home Page
HP Java Draft White Paper
DOGMA Homepage
WMPI Official Web Site Home
Linpack Benchmark -- Java Version
Project Bayanihan Home Page
The JPVM Home Page
BSP Worldwide Home Page
Jada home page
Distributed and High-Performance Computing (DHPC) Group
Ptolemy II
ProActive PDC Java Library (Java //)
Dr.Dincer's Home Page

Colgate UFE 1998 Workshop Links

Parallel Computing Education

Cluster Computing (IEEE Task Force on Cluster Computing)
Undergraduate Computational Engineering and Science Project (Ameslab)
Colgate University Parallel Computing
Computational Science Resources (Oregon)
Edinburgh - Summer Scholarship Programme (Scotland)
Forum on Parallel Computing Curricula (Wellesley '95)
Second Forum on Parallel Computing Curricula (SPAA '97)
Introductory Lectures on Data-Parallel Computing An Interactive Multimedia CD-ROM (Wellesley)
Introduction to Parallel Computing (Calvin College)
High Performance Computing and Communications Glossary
Parallel Network Topologies and Algorithm Animations (RIT - VRML 2.0)
MetaCenter Education: Programs for Undergraduate and Graduate Students
The Cornell Theory Center Virtual Workshop Project
NPAC Research Experiences for Undergraduates in High Performance Computing (Syracuse)
Russ Miller's Report on Parallel Computing Education
Nasa Tutorial on Parallel Computing
Teaching Parallel Algorithms to Precollege Students (U. of Michigan)
TLTP Home Page (UK)
GA Tech: Visualization of Parallel and Distributed Programs
CS246: Advanced Computer Architecture (Harvard)
Computer Science 261: Research Topics in Operating Systems (Harvard)

Parallel Computing History

Joel Adam's Parallel Computing History Links (Calvin College)
Joel Adam's Parallel Computing Photos (Calvin College)

Parallel Computing Courses and Tutorials Online

Parallel and heterogeneous classes on line

High Performance Computing Tutorials(Ames Lab)

cs267Applications of Parallel Computers(Berkeley)
CS 294-5: Multiprocessor Networks (Berkeley)
CS 258 Parallel Processors (Berkeley)
Selected Architecture Notes (UC Davis)

CS-551: Parallel Computing: Models, Languages and Architectures (Boston U)

CS 138 Computer Algoritms (Caltech)

15-499B: Parallel Algorithms and Programming (CMU)
15-846: Introduction to Parallel Algorithms and Programming (CMU)
15-612: Distributed Systems (CMU)

MACS 440/563: Parallel Computing for Scientists and Engineers (CO School of Mines)

The Scalable Parallel System Model (George Mason U)

EE 8341a Design and Analysis of Multiprocessor Interconnection (GATech)

Parallel Matix-Matrix Multiplication (Indiana)

Introduction to Parallel Computing (Maui High Performance Computing Center)
SP Parallel Programming Workshop (Maui High Performance Computing Center)

Introduction to Effective Parallel Computing (U. Michigan)

Parallel & Distributed Computing Syllabus (UNC)
Parallel Programming at UNC-Charlotte
Parallel Programming: Techniques and Application Using Networked Workstations and Parallel Computers(UNC-Charlotte)

Numerical Methods on Parallel Computers (Penn St)

Concurrent Programming in Java Tutorials and design patterns (SUNY Oswego)

CPS615-Linear Programming and Whirlwind Full Matrix Discussion (Syracuse)
High Performance FORTRAN Educational Materials(NPAC, Syracuse)

Parallel Processing Courseware (Cardiff)
Parallel Processing I (U. of Cardiff)
Introduction to the nCUBE2 (Cardiff)
Hypertext Tutorial Introduction to the nCUBE2 (Cardiff)
Parallel Computer Architectures and Systems (University of Crete)
Courses available from EPCC-TEC (Edinburgh)
Parallel Algorithms for Supercomputers 1 (Utrecht University)
High Performance Computing Tutorials(HPCC at Southampton U, UK)

Hensa Internet Parallel Computing Archive parallel:teaching:courses
System Guides and Tutorials (Queensland, Australia)
A List of MPI Tutorials
MPI: Message Passing Interface Library materials at Cornell
MPI Course (Edinburgh)
MPI Resources (Calvin)
MPI Quick Tutorials (Notre Dame)

mpC Tutorial (Russian Academy of Sciences)

Parallel Computing Online Books

Computational Science Electronic Textbook (ORNL)
(Caltech) Archetypes "Electronic Textbook" Table of Contents (Chandy)
(Edinburgh) "CS Research in HPC" (Hondroudakis)
Designing and Building Parallel Programs (Foster)
MPI: The Complete Reference (Dongarra, Snir, Otto, Huss-Lederman, Walker)
A List of MPI Books
Parallel Computer Architecture A Hardware/Software Approach, by Culler and Singh
Parallel Computing Works (Fox, Williams, Messina)
PVM: Parallel Virtual Machine: A Users' Guide and Tutorial for Networked Parallel Computing (Geist, Beguelin, Dongarra, Jiang, Manchek, Sunderam)
SR Programming Language (Hartley)

Parallel Computing Online Bibliographies

Bibliographies on Parallel Processing I (Univ. Karlsruhe, Germany)
Bibliographies on Parallel Processing II (Arizona)
Bibliographies on Parallel Processing III (Manitoba)
Index for PAPERS - papers (Purdue)
Parallel Computing Archive at HENSA Unix (UK)
Parallel Computing Archive at HENSA Unix (US Mirror Site)
Parallel I/O Archive (Dartmouth)
SEL-HPC Article Archive (UK)
WANG'S BOOKSHELF (Parallel Computing) and MUCH!!! more
The World-Wide Web Virtual Library: Distributed / Meta - Computing
Yahoo - Computers and Internet:Supercomputing and Parallel Computing:Journals

Parallel Computing Standards

High Performance FORTRAN Educational Materials
Fortran Parallel Programming Systems (Rice)

(MPI) Message-Passing Interface
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface Page (netlib)
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface Page
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface Libraries
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface Page (ORNL)
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface Page (Mississipi State)
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface Document
MPI - A Message-Passing Interface Standard
(MPI) Message-Passing Interface Tutorial
XMPI - A Run/Debug GUI for MPI (Notre Dame)
Yahoo MPI

MPI2 Message-Passing Page (Wisc)
MPI Documents (MPI Forum)


Parallel Computing Online Software

StarLogo (MIT)
The ARCH Library - Programming Tools for Concurrent and Parallel Software Development
National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE) (netlib)
Netlib Repository at UTK and ORNL
National HPCC Software Exchange (NHSE)
The Parallel Tools Consortium
Parallel Tools Projects Around the World (LLNL)
CORBA and OMG Information Resources, The Object Management Group's Common Object Request Broker Architecture (OMG/CORBA) (LANL)
The CC++ Programming Language (Caltech)
CHIMP (Common High-level Interface to (MPI) Message Passing (Univ. of Edinburgh)
DAPPLE - DAta Parallel Library for Education (Dartmouth)
Enterprise Programming Environment (Univ. of Alberta, CA)
FORTRAN D System v0.6 - September 1994 (Rice)
Floyd Hanson's Help On-Line for Parallel and Super Computer Tools (Rice)
High Performance C++ (Indiana)
HORUS (Cornell)
Karma, parallel programmer toolkit (CSIRO)
Freely Available MPI Implementations
LAM/MPI Parallel Computing (Local Area Multicomputer, Notre Dame)
MPICH-A Portable Implementation of MPI
Joel Adam'snotes about the "mpich installation experience"
UNIFY - MPI subset (Miss. St. Univ.)
WinMPI - MPI for MS Windows 3.1 (U. of NB Omaha)

Linpack Benchmark in Java (netlib)
Info on Mentat (Virginia)
Parallaxis-III - A Structured Data-Parallel Programming Language (Univ. of Stuttgart)
Parallel Applications Development Environment (PADE) (NIST)
Parallel Genetic Algoritms Package (ANL)

Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) Version 3 (netlib)
Index for PVM3 Library (netlib)
Parallel Virtual Machine (PVM) home page (ORNL)
Passion I/O Tool
PIOUS for PVM (Emory)
Yahoo PVM
Commercial version of PVM from PCS (Parallel Computer Systems) (UK)
Release Note of PVM-ATM (Univ. MN)

PGL - A Parallel Graphics Library for Distributed Memory Applications (ICASE)
pC++/Sage++ Information (Indiana)
ScaLAPACK (Netlib)
VPE: Visual Parallel Processing Environment (U. of Tennessee)
NASA Inhouse Team Software Exchange
Cornell Theory Center Software Documentation: Parallel Tools
Yahoo: Computers and Internet:Supercomputing and Parallel Computing:Programming

Parallel Computing People

Guy Blelloch (CMU)
Thomas Braeunl (U. of Stuttgart)
Scott Cannon (Utah State)
Jack Dongarra (U. of TN, ORNL)
Alan Edelman (MIT)
Allan Gottlieb (NYU)
Jonathan Hardwick (CMU)
Dan Hyde (Bucknell)
David Kotz (Dartmouth)
Russ Miller (SUNY Buffalo)
Manavendra Misra (CO School of Mines)
H. J. Siegel (Purdue)
Quentin F. Stout (U. Michigan)
Domenico Talia
Gregory V. Wilson (Toronto)
Parallel Computing Forum participants

Parallel Computing Research

ADIFOR: Automatic Differentiation of Fortran Codes (ANL)
ADIFOR: Automatic Differentiation of Fortran Codes (RICE)
Argonne MCS Research Topics (RICE)
U. of Alberta's Parallel Programming Systems Research Laboratory
Caltech Center for Advanced Computing Research
Caltech Structured Multithreaded Programming Project
Cornell Theory Center
MIT ASCI Project Home Page
Parallel Programming Laboratory (Univ. of IL, Urbana)
CMU - Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Groups
CMU - Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Groups
GA Tech. - Computer Architecture and Parallel Simulation
The Center for Research on Parallel Computation (NPAC - Syracuse U.)
Distributed Algorithms & Systems Home (NL)
NPAC Research Projects
NPAC Research Projects
NYU Ultracomputer
Paderborn Center for Parallel Computing (Germany)
Paradise - A Parallel Database System for GIS Applications (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Paradyn Parallel Performance Tools (Univ. of Wisconsin)
Parallel Computing Group (Univ. of Kent, UK)
Parallel Computing Group (Univ. of Kent, UK)
Pittsburgh Supercomputer Center
Yahoo:Computers and Internet:Supercomputing and Parallel Computing:Institutes

Parallel Computing - Languages

Arjuna (ftp/UK)


Charm (Univ. of IL, Urbana)
CSP (Oxford)
Compositional C++
Concert System (Univ. of IL)

Dapple (Dartmouth)

The Eiffel Parallel Execution Environment
Erlang (Sweden)

Fortran 90 (Cern)
Michael Metcalf's Fortran 90 CNL Articles (Cern)
Fortran 95 Handbook
High Performance Fortran Forum (Rice)
High Performance Fortran Forum - HPF2.0 (Rice)
Fortran 90 for the Fortran 77 programmer (CO)
High Performance FORTRAN Educational Materials

Glish (ftp)

High Performance C++ (Indiana)

Javall - Distributed, Concurrent and Parallel Computing in Java
JavaPP (Java Plug and Play) (UK)
JavaPP (Java Plug and Play) (NL)
The Limbo Programming Language
Caltech Infospheres Project (Java Based)
Concordia (Java Based)
Odyssey (Java Based)
Voyager (Java Based)
Programming Mobile Agents in Java
A Java-based Agent Framework for MultiAgent Systems Development and Implementation

The Linda Group (Yale Univ.)
Linda in the UK (Univ. of York)
Javelin, Distributed Linda Using Java
Introduction to Linda (Queensland, AU)
ftp access to POSYBL, A Linda implementation for Unix networks. (Greece) XXX
ftp access to POSYBL, A Linda implementation for Unix networks. (Finland)
Kristina Lundqvist, Uppsala, Sweden, Ada-linda
Glenda, a linda like system

Mentat (U. VA)
Modula-2* (Germany)
mpC - parallel C built on MPI (Russia Academy of Sciences)

NESL: A Parallel Programming Language (CMU)
Nexus XXX

The Occam archive (Oxford Univ.)
KROC - Occam for all (Univ. of Kent)
KROC - Occam for all -documentation (Univ. of Kent)
KROC - Occam for all - documentation (ftp) (Univ. of Kent)

Parallaxis-III - A Structured Data-Parallel Programming Language (Univ. of Stuttgart)
Parasol (Carlton, CA)
Parlance (UK)
pC++/Sage++ (IN)
PRESTO (Wahington)
pSather (Berkeley)

Scandal Project Home Page (CMU)
sC++ Home Page (EPFL.CHG)
Sisal - A High Performance, Portable, Parallel Programming Language (LLNL)

Yahoo Supercomputing_and_Parallel_Computing/Programming/Languages/
Yahoo Supercomputing_and_Parallel_Computing/Programming/Threads/

ZPL -Parallel Programming Language

Parallel Computing - Miscellaneous

Java Sorting Algorithm Animations (> Netscape 2.0) (RIT)
The Computer Architecture Design Laboratory (U of Cincinnati)
Concurrent Systems
Java Threads Workshop (Univ. of Kent, UK)
Java Tutorials for Parallel Computing (WoTUG20, NL)
NAMD (Not Just Another Molecular Dynamics program, U of IL)
Occam Design Tool (Univ. of Kent, UK)
Parallel Sites (nag, UK)
POOMA Workshop (Parallel Object-Oriented Methods and Applications, LANL)
PAPERS, Purdue's Adapter for Parallel Execution and Rapid Synchronization
Yahoo: Computers and Internet:Supercomputing and Parallel Computing
Yahoo: Science:Computer Science:Distributed Computing

Parallel Computing - Models



BSP - Bulk Synchronous Parallel model (Harvard)
BSP Architectures
BSP - Programming
BSP - Model
BSP - Model (Oxford)
BSP - Environment (Oxford)
BSP - Libraries (Oxford)
BSP Repository (Carleton U)
BSP Repository (Carleton U)
BSP World Wide
BSP book chapter (Edinburgh)
BSP (Harvard)

Skeleton-based Models Archive
Solving Large Systems of Differential Equations in Parallel Using Covers and Skeletons

Parallel Actor-based Languages Papers
Parallel Actor-based Languages Paper

Parallel Computing Other Sites

ANL - Math and Computer Science Division
U. Calgary - Distributed Systems Lab
The Cardiff Computing Maths Information Server
Cardiff HPC Training & Education Centre homepage
Concurrent Systems
Csiro High Performance & Supercomputing Information
HPC links
HPTC Reference - Web Sites
Parallel and Distributed Computing Resources (Carlton University)
Center for Parallel Computing (U. of Michigan)
NAS Parallel Tools Group Hotlist
CMU - Supercomputing and Parallel Computing Research Groups
SCRI Home Page
DEC's HPC page
Mathematical, Information, and Computational Sciences Division
Edinburgh Parallel Computing Centre
Indiana - Welcome to CICA's WWW Server
David A. Bader's Parallel Sites (U. of MD.)
Parascope - Listing of Parallel Computing Sites (IEEE Computer Society)
U. of MN. - Army High Performance Computing Research Center
Laboratoire de l'Informatique du Parallélisme (Lyon, France)
Ram Meenakshisundaram's Transputer Page
MIT Parallel and Distributed Operating Systems Group
NASA - Parallel Computing
NCAR - Scientific Computing Division
NCSA - Additional Resources
NCSA Math and CS Group
Ohio Supercomputer Center
HPC Related Information Servers (Paderborn, Germany)
Rice U. - CRPC Home Document
Sandia National Labs Massively Parallel Computing Research Laboratory (MPCRL)
SDSC World Wide Web Server
SEL-HPC: The London & South-East centre for High Performance Computing
U. of Southampton, UK - High Performance Computing Centre
U. of Southampton, UK - High Performance Computing Centre
SuperComputing Resources on the Internet
Supercomputing Servers (Caltech)
(Syracuse U) Northeast Parallel Architectures Center
U.K. National High Performance Computing
U.K. Parallel Computing Archive at HENSA Unix
U.S. National Coordination Office for HPCC
The National Consortium for HPC
Yale Center for Parallel Supercomputing
TOP 500 Supercomputer Sites

Parallel Computing Companies

Supercomputer Gifs
Supercomputer and Parallel Computers
Alex Computer Systems, Inc.
Compaq (AlphaServer SC
Convex Computer Corporation
Tera/Cray Research Inc.
Corollary (Intel)
Embedded Solutions Ltd.
Flavors Technology Incorporated.
Hewlett Packard
IBM Corporation
Large Scale Computing - IBM Corporation
Large Scale Computing - IBM Corporation XXX
The Numerical Algorithms Group, Inc.
ICE - Integrated Computing Engines, Inc.
Intel Corporation
OPAL-RT Technologies
Parallel Efforts Using Linux
Kuck & Associates, Inc.
Mercury Computer Systems, Inc.
Myrias Computer Technologies
The Portland Group, Inc.
Sun Microsystems
Thinking Machines Corp.
Transtech Parallel Systems
TTI - Tsunamic Technologies, Inc.
Yahoo:Business and Economy:Companies:Computers:Systems:Supercomputers

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