Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #4, September 1, 1999

Erik and Walt's Trip


Travel while based in Prague


After dropping me off at the airport, Erik and Walt went on an adventure to visit Pavel Tvrdik at his family home east of Prague, in the countryside between Prague and Kolin. They had a little trouble without their navigator (me), but managed to find their way. Pavel and his mother are pictured above along with their house which Pavel is currently remodeling. Pavel teaches computer science at the Prague Technical University and we met him at a conference there in 1993.

After an outstanding home cooked meal, the guys visited a nearby farming open air museum with buildings dating as far back as the 17th century. Pavel served as translator as the tour was offered in Czech.


Boat Trip to Slapy

When we first went to Prague in 1993, Walt and a couple of the other conference wives took a boat trip upstream (south) on the Vtlava River to a small town. Walt had regaled us with stories about this trip, so he and Erik decided to recreate it as best they could.


The boat left on time, but there was a problem somewhere on the trip when a line got wrapped around the rudder. This delayed them a bit. The boat went through three locks: 4, 10 and 16 meters (>48 feet)!


Walt had talked a lot about seeing a man-powered ferry on a tether line in operation on his last trip. This time it wasn't operating, but Walt was able to get some shots of it.

Slapy, the destination, was located behind a big dam. They had to hike up to visit it, but there wasn't a lot of time because of the earlier line problems.

Here's a panorama from the dam; the boat is just around the bend.

On the way back, they got to see the original place where Prague had been established - upstream a bit. Remnants of the old castle still remain.


The Romantic Road

Our plan had been to leave Prague after five days and drive the Romantic Road from top to bottom in Germany. Erik and Walt ended up just hitting some of the highlights as they determined it would take much more time than they had to do it all. So, they headed from Prague to Wurzburg, the north end of the Romantic Road.


Wurzburg reminded them a lot of Prague. There is a castle on the hill (Marienberg) and a bridge you must cross (Alte Mainbrucke) with statues to get to it. One must pass through three walls to get into the castle. Unfortunately, it was Monday, so they couldn't really explore it.


The photos here show an old crane and a view of the bridge from the path to the castle.

And, this is The Residence which is located in the city center and has lovely gardens.

Their next stop was at Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Rothenburg is a city mostly within the walls of the castle. It has very nice, narrow streets and lots of interesting buildings.

Then they hopped on the autobahn and went to the southernmost end of the road, near Fussen to see Neuschwanstein (The Disney Castle) built by King Ludwig II of Bavaria and Hohenschwangau, built by his father.


After a long wait and a hike up hill in the heat of the day, they finally got to tour the Ludwig II's castle that inspired the Disney castle look. The tour was a bit short and showed that Ludwig had a flair for inexpensive decorations. Then they went on to tour his father's castle.


Regardless of the wait, heat, and crowds, the views were great!

Their final stop on the way home was in Rottenburg, where they visited a church in a gothic monastery. This church has magnificent frescoes and stucco work, and sculptures of angels done in the Bavarian rococo style.

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