Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #4, September 1, 1999

Walt and Barb's Trip, Part II


Lelystadt and the Batavia Ship Yards

Lelystadt is one of the most recently built (planned) cities in the Netherlands. It is built on one of the last polders reclaimed from the former Zeider Zee, now the Ijsselmeer. It's one claim to fame is the Batavia ship yards where craftsmen and volunteers built a replica of the "Batavia", a 1628 sailing ship from the hay day of the Dutch East Indies Company that had sunk on its maiden voyage off the coast of Australia. Batavia was the former name of Jakarta. The main construction of the Batavia was in progress when we were here on sabbatical in 1992-3. Subsequently, the craftsmen have moved on to building other ships.


Here we see the hull for the "Three Provinces", a 1660's Dutch East Indies Company warship, designed to protect the merchant marine fleet. The hull to the right is for a modern pleasure boat.

This is a panorama of the yard; you can see the completed Batavia on the left and construction going on on the right.



Zaandam on the Zaandijk is another (sort of) open air museum located just north of Amsterdam, where most houses are made of wood and are painted green.


It includes the requisite boats and windmills. The mills are working mills that are used for oil extraction from seeds, paint colors from various materials, and sawing wood.


Enkhuizen and the Zeider Zee Museum


The Zeider Zee Museum in Enkhuizen is yet another (and one of our favorite) open air museums, where life in the fishing villages in by-gone eras are portrayed.


Smoked fish, anyone?


One of the unique activities here is that children are encouraged to wear native dress and play with "antique" toys.

Walt and Barb visited the apothocary,


where they just HAD to stick out their tongues! Are they related or what?


How about those goats?

Barb made her big purchase (and longest visit) at this art supply shop in Enkhuizen.



They spent Barb's last two nights in Amsterdam, staying in an Ibis Hotel near the old harbor and Central (train) Station.


No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to the flower market set up in stalls on barges and strolls along the many Amsterdam canals.


A canal trip is nice too. How about those 7 bridges?

Micky D's in the red light district; they're everywhere!

A panorama of Central Station and its surrounds from their hotel window.

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