Nan and Walt's 1999 - 2000 Sabbatical
Report #4, September 1, 1999

Walt and Barb's Trip, Part I


Barb's First Day


Walt's sister, Barbara, visited with Walt while I was in Los Angeles. Here she is at the Schipbol, the Amsterdam airport in front of a Chahuly glass exhibit.

Their first stop on the way to Eindhoven from the airport was at Scheveningen and then to Madurodam in Den Hague. The miniature above is of St. John's cathedral in Den Bosch.

Then it was on to Delft -


a very picturesque city.

Here Barb visited one of the many antique shops she saw on her trip.


Arhnam Open Air Museum

After a short jet lag forced adjustment, it was on to the Open Air Museum in Arnhem, a place where many buildings from past eras have been moved.


Here you can see life as it must have been like in old Holland,

including paper making at a watermill.


The Kroller Muller Museum



The Kroller-Muller museum (missing some umlots) has a rather unique location. It sits in the middle of a park called Hoge Veluwe, where the main form of transportation is white bicycles provided by the park. Do you see any resemblance between brother and sister?


The museum itself houses almost 200 Van Gogh's.




Giethoorn is known as the Venice of the Netherlands. For the most part, the only transportation around this village is by boat. The touristy thing to do is to rent a boat and tour its canals. The first leg of this tour takes you into open waters that often contain many interesting sailing vessels along with the tour boats.


Here are some typical views from the back of the boat!


Notice the garage for the boat, along side the one for the car!

If you don't have one, here's one for sale (Te Koop) along side lumber that's been cut to make another.



A bit further to the east of Giethoorn are a series of ancient graves called hunnebeds. These have been dated at over 5000 years, predating Stonehenge.




Bourtange is a fortified village in northeastern Netherlands, near the German border and not too far from Groningen where Walt's daughter, Stacy, studied.


Walt was afraid, we might not be able to identify the purpose of the building on the left, hanging out over the moat.


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